11 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Movies

by Aaron Finch

Movies can be a tricky business. It takes a lot of skill and talent to make something that people will go see, and the industry is constantly full of new breakthroughs in production techniques.

 If you want to learn more about movies, broadcasting, or photography so you can work in that field when you grow up, these 11 skills listed below are great places to start. They cover everything from acting to editing and lighting—and they’re applicable both on-screen and off-screen!

This blog post Orzare  is an overview of some important things you need for your long-term career goals—and it’s helpful for any skill level.

11 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Movies

1. Travel 

Movies are the product of a lot of talent and hard work. Whether you’re an actor, director, or producer, you’ll have to do a lot of traveling to get your movie to the big screen. Even stars like Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have flown around the world on press junkets for large-scale movies.

 Movie-making can also take place in small spaces like television studios and music venues as well as big outdoor locations like parks and beaches.

2. Act

One of the most important things you can do to master movies is to hop on set, whether it’s a script filming, or if it’s just a small production. You want to get in front of the camera and act so you can learn the acting side of movie-making from people who are actually doing it everyday. The best way to become an actor is by trying a lot of different genres, roles, and types of lines.

3. Learn Camera Work

A lot of movies involve cinematography—and becoming a great cameraman is also a very important skill that you could use for your career in movies as well as in other areas as well. 

Whether you want to shoot some action scenes, or if you’re more interested in photographing actors on set, there are tons of classes you can take on the subject. You’ll also need to be knowledgeable about lighting and how best to set up a shots so that they’ll look the best.

4. Learn Editing

A lot of movies require editing—either because they’re feature films or TV programs that haven’t been edited yet. You’ll need to know how to use a timeline in iMovie or Final Cut and edit your movie, depending on what kind of job you’re going for.

5. Learn Storytelling

Another important thing to learn as a performer is storytelling. Even if your movie isn’t based on a book, you’re still going to have to tell a story within it. If you want to make it as an actor in movies, you’ll need to master the ability to write great lines that will become iconic for the characters you play. You can also expand on this skill by writing your own books, such as screenplays or short stories.

6. Learn Putting Together a Show

If you want to get into producing movies of your own, then you’ll need to learn how stages work and where they hang out in different cities so that they can work effectively together while making their movies. You’ll also be able to learn how the sound and lighting crews function so that you can manage them better on set.

7. Learn Stage Combat

One of the most important skills you can master when it comes to movies is stage combat, which refers to fighting using props and special effects instead of just using your hands and body like in a real fight. 

This skill is great for all kinds of movies, including action-packed ones like The Lord of the Rings. It’s also a good skill for you to have if you want to become a stunt actor or if you want to work on your own action or fantasy show someday.

8. Learn How to be Entertaining

Regardless of what kind of job you want in show business, whether it’s being an actor, producer, or director, you need to be able to entertain people. Whether you’re on camera or on stage as a performer, or if it’s a call center position where you handle customers’ questions over the phone, you need great communication skills and knowledge about the industry when it comes to your work. 

9. Learn How to Work with Others

One of the biggest things you’ll need to learn if you want to work in the movie industry is how to work with a team. Whether you’re in front of the camera or behind it, there will always be people working with and around you who have different ideas and thoughts about what should be done next. 

10. Learn How to Take Feedback

One of the most important skills you can learn if you’re a singer, actor, director, or producer is how to take constructive criticism. This goes for everyone in the movie business, whether it’s a small independent producer or a big studio that is putting out several movies in theaters every year.

 While everyone has their own opinion and perspective about what makes a good movie great, ultimately someone else has to have the final say.

11. Learn What Makes Good Material

In addition to learning how to take feedback and critique, you’ll also need to learn what makes for a good movie plot. This is especially true for comedy movies, which tend to be more plot-driven than drama-based ones of the same genre. 

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