The Biggest Moments of Oscars 2021

by Aaron Finch

The Academy Awards is one of the most popular television shows in the United States, and with 2020 drawing to a close, we can’t wait for what’s to come! 2021 is shaping up to be a huge year for Hollywood. We’ve put together this list  of some of the most highly anticipated movies coming out in the next year.

The Biggest Moments of Oscars 2021

1. Black Panther

 The first incarnation of Black Panther was released in 2018, showcasing the first time a minority has ever been nominated for an Oscar. In 2020 we will see his coronation with five nominations and a likely win for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. As T’Challa says when accepting his award, “Thank you Wakanda”.

2. Avengers: Daredevils

The Avengers have already been through almost a dozen movies, but the next few years may be your best chance to catch up on this franchise because there are two more movies planned!

3. Jurassic World 3

Dinosaurs are on their way back in the form of a movie franchise. To get you ready, the next installment will be called Jurassic World 3. During the credits roll of Avengers: Endgame we see an image of a dinosaur being hatched in a John Hammond style incubator. This suggests that Jurassic World 3 is on track for 2021.

4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is titled, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (the first movie’s title was Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them). It will be released on 4 November 2020.

5. Back to the Future Part 6

Director Steven Spielberg revealed that Back to the Future Part 6 may be out in 2021, saying “Back to the Future Part 6 could get going.” His comment was made at a fan event in London and followed a question about Back to the Future being turned into a Broadway musical. “I’m working on it,” Spielberg said, “but I have no money.”

 The rumored plot for Back to the Future Part 6 involves George McFly travelling back in time to save his parents and prevent his own existence as Marty McFly in order to save his future wife Jennifer from getting hit by a truck in October 2015 while she is walking home from school.

6. The Final Girls

The Final Girls is a movie in the works starring Hana Mae Lee, Kelli Berglund, Alexandra Shipp and Cami Morrone. It will be released on 2 October 2021. The movie takes place in the 1980s and follows a young woman who must save her friends after they are killed by an evil creature at a slumber party.

7. The Walking Dead: Apocalypse

The Walking Dead: Apocalypse is a movie in the works that will premiere on 20 October 2020. It is the fifth installment of The Walking Dead franchise and will take place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies roam freely. 

Among novelties at this year’s Comic Con San Diego, producer Greg Nicotero offered an update on what to expect from Season 10 of The Walking Dead, saying that “The last three episodes of season 10 are going to be insane.”

8. The Shining Part 2

Stephen King is working on a sequel to his own novel, The Shining, titled Doctor Sleep. It is slated for release on 24 September 2020. The next movie in the Shining franchise will be titled The Shining Part 2 and will be directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The release date for The Shining Part 2 has not been confirmed, but it will likely premiere in 2021.

9. Fantastic Beasts: The Unveiling of Lestrange Jr

Tiffany Lestrange is back and she’s ready to take over the lead role of Fantastic Beasts! She’s been cast as a new villain in Fantastic Beasts: The Unveiling of Lestrange Jr, set to hit theaters on 30 January 2021. What twists and turns will this movie have? We can’t wait to find out!

10. Sims 4: The Movie

In 2019, EA Games released Sims 4. It is the fourth installment in the popular The Sims series, and it tells the story of your own unique family in a world full of options. There is an upcoming movie based on Sims 4 that will premiere on 29 March 2021.

11. Kingdom Hearts 3 Part 2 (Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return)

 The first part of Kingdom Hearts 3 was released in January this year, telling the story of Sora’s quest to find his friends and family while also fighting against a new threat called Master Xehanort, who plans on destroying everything he loves. In 2021 we will eventually see part 2!

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