Unexpected Lessons From Mark Rosen’s Wife

by Aaron Finch

Mark Rosen’s wife is an unlikely entrepreneur. Born in Moscow and living in the United States for most of her life, she hasn’t had a traditional path. Now retired, it was time for her to reflect on what she has learned from decades of experience and turn over a new leaf as an author and speaker about women succeeding in business.


She has had to bust through the glass ceiling, take risks and make mistakes in order to get where she is today. She shares her lessons in a book that is both enlightening and entertaining. Her view on career advice is realistic, a far cry from the faddism that she has seen over the years and addressed in her new book “Unexpected Lessons From Mark Rosen’s Wife: Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur Turned High-Tech Executive Coach.”


Mark Rosen’s wife has seen women rise in business but also face challenges that are unique to their gender. One of the challenges is not being taken as seriously as men by their peers and superiors. Mark Rosen’s wife is not a career woman, but she sets herself apart in other ways. For example, she can call people on the carpet for not doing their jobs, but also celebrate when she does well herself. “There are no such things as nice guys or mean girls,” this book explains. “Nice lessons are learned and mean lessons are taken.”


One of the concepts that Rosen’s wife stresses is living in the present moment—and having fun while doing it. She has had to make major changes in her life, and instead of disappointing friends and family by not meeting deadlines, she is able to take a step back in order to enjoy what is going on now without overthinking it all.


Unexpected Lessons From Mark Rosen’s Wife :

1. Do It Right, Not Quickly


It’s not a good idea to get into a new venture thinking you’re going to get rich quick. You have to do it right before you move on.

2. Reputation Matters More Than Your Family


When people get together, they talk about you. If they are talking about someone who is successful, they will also want to hear what will come next so they can plan around it. It’s all about your reputation with the community, which is the place where people go when they need help and referrals for jobs within an industry.

3. Priorities Are Important


Sometimes you have to work really hard to make sure that your priorities are right. The woman in the book was thinking so much about a large house, that she did not spend any time on the business itself. It wasn’t until her husband brought it up that she realized how important it was. She had neglected some very fundamental things that would affect her future success.

4. Expect Change and Keep Calm, Mark Rosen’s Wife Says


You can never know what’s going to happen next; you just have to go with the flow and keep calm. If you panic at every turn, you won’t get anywhere.

5. The Pros and Cons of Working in Business


If you work in business, you will be at the mercy of others to manage your career. By bringing someone else out of a job, you lose control over your life. Also, if you’re not trustworthy, then how could you stay long? Sometimes it’s important to make decisions and stick to them.

6. Keeping Your Cool Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Tough


You can keep your cool when the chips are down; it doesn’t mean that you aren’t tough or don’t have backbone. It just means that they are more subtle and an indication of what is going on inside rather than outside yourself.

7. Just Because You’re There Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do It


Sometimes you are given a job that has no benefit to you whatsoever, such as being at a job and not really doing anything. In the long run, it could hurt your reputation, which will make it hard for you to get more exciting jobs in the future. If you are not committed, it’s best if you leave.

8. No One Likes a Loudmouth or a Know-It-All


Mark Rosen’s wife notes that being dominant and aggressive gets people out of your way but also makes them dislike you in the process—not exactly the kind of reputation one wants when working with others in any kind of environment.

9. Change Is Normal in Business


If your company goes under, the only thing left will be the change. This can be difficult for most people who are used to the stability of a routine. But make it a rule to not get too used to anything because change will come, and you want to be able handle it when it does.

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