Things You Should Know About Mca Course by Online learning program intro?

by Aryan Dev

Mca Course is the course that will help you to build your career in the IT industry. This article aims to educate you regarding the basics of a Master’s degree in Computer Application (MCA),  its eligibility criteria and cost structure. The qualification is recognized by many top IT companies like IBM, Wipro, Tech Mahindra etc. This article will provide information about completing the Mca Course by online learning program, including how much it costs, duration of the course and eligibility for this course etc. No matter whether you are planning to study MCA or want to upgrade your knowledge with this MCA program, here’s our complete guide on “How To Complete Mca (Master In Computer Application) Course by Online Learning Program?”.

What is Mca Course(Master in Computer Application)?

Mca (Master in Computer Application) is a professional degree course offered at the graduation level. It is awarded after two years’ duration and a minimum of 60% marks. The MCA program consists of core courses to help students develop the skill set in programming, database concepts, BPM, IT-related research, business process management and IT infrastructure management. The MCA course mainly focuses on the analysis & design of software/hardware systems. The MCA degree opens plenty of job opportunities in software and hardware development. These courses are also helpful for students who want to pursue a Ph.D. or MBA program in computer science & information technology-related field.

Online Learning Program for MCA Course?

Many courses help you get an excellent job in the IT industry. However, it is essential that you choose the one that suits your needs and helps you get an edge over competitors. Online learning programs are the solution to this problem. These programs give a wide range of choices from which you can choose courses that best fit into your schedule and lifestyle so that you can be well-prepared for MCA entrance exams.

Eligibility Criteria for Mca(Master in Computer Application) 

To be eligible for admission to MCA courses, a candidate must have passed the Bachelor’s degree examination or equivalent with a minimum of 60 percent marks or CGPA 6.0 on a 10-point scale or equivalent grade from a recognized university.

Cost Structure of Mca(Master in Computer Applicatio Course)

Mca Course is a two-year program.The Coursera has best courses for MCA . The online courses platform Which selling online courses for MCA from long time. The candidate will have to pay Rs.70,000/- (Rs.35,000/- per year) as tuition fee for BMS College of Engineering and Technology and Rs.75,000/- (Rs.37,500/- per year) for Manipal University for the duration of the academic program. There are also other charges like hostel charges and library expenses that you should consider at the time of admission into the MCA course.

Mca Course Duration

The duration of the MCA program is two years, and the course is offered in a full-time, part-time and distance mode. The candidates who wish to complete the course full-time can make it for three years. The applicants can take up plus two curricula or admission on a merit basis. Upon completing the MCA course, a degree will be awarded by Manipal University or BMS College of Engineering & Technology, depending upon their choice. IBM, Infosys, and Wipro recognize mCa Degree from BMS College of Engineering & Technology.

The Best Mca Course Provide by Online Learning Program?

The Master’s degree in Computer Application (MCA) has become a hot topic due to the high demand for IT professionals. There is a great deal of competition among IT companies to hire qualified professionals who have completed MCA courses and have good knowledge of computer applications. The online learning program has online course app and become an excellent source to complete your MCA course. You can choose the online learning program that best fits into your schedule and lifestyle so that you can be at best prepared for MCA entrance exams.

What are the Advantages of the MCA Course? 

Many IT companies require candidates for MCA courses to possess particular skills, such as programming, IT research, business process management. These courses impart these skills and help you gain an edge over competitors. An MCA degree helps get a better salary and a deeper understanding of computer programming. Since most top IT companies recognize this qualification, it offers a good start in the career. Many students have reported getting job offers after completing this course. If you dream of becoming an IT professional, then MCA courses can help you achieve that goal.

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