Things That You Never Expect On Electric Bike Rental Laguna Beach

by Aaron Finch

Electric bike rentals seem to be taking off as one of the most popular ways of getting around. Laguna Beach has electric bike rentals, too. So if you’re considering a trip and want to rent an electric bike, but aren’t sure what you should expect, read this blog post! 


Electric bikes are becoming more a part of the Laguna Beach community. For those new to electric bikes, there are many questions about how they work and what it’s like to rent one here in Laguna Beach. Electric bike rental laguna beach is pretty simple when you get down to it. All you have to do is reserve a bike and make sure it’s available to rent. There really isn’t that much more to it than that, but here are some details that might help you make a better decision about renting an electric bike in Laguna Beach!


Electric bikes are also known as e-bikes. Whether you rent an electric bike or buy one, once you have a bike, you can use it anywhere in Laguna Beach. This is different from an electric scooter, which is rented to use on streets only. We recommend that you drive your electric bike on the shoulder of the road on paved roads and bike trails in Laguna Beach rather than ride on the street with traffic! The reason for this is that electric bikes are powerful and require a lot of juice to move along.


Things That You Never Expect On Electric Bike Rental Laguna Beach :

1. What’s the Difference Between a Couple of Different Types of Electric Bikes?


The two main types of electric bikes are pedelecs and S-pedelecs. They both use the same concept and basic design with a few slight differences. A pedelec is an electric bike that has a small motor in the hub of its front wheel, where you mount the tire on your bike. Pedal movement powers the motor to help assist with riding your bike. An S-pedelec also uses this concept but has also been designed for off-road use. The center portion of its front wheel is larger to help balance out when you’re riding off road or on a mountain trail. It won’t be able to help you pedal as much, so it’s recommended that you use it with a front pedal assist.

2. How Much Should I Plan for When Renting an Electric Bike?


Renting an electric bike here in Laguna Beach is quite inexpensive. The average rate for one hour at Laguna Beach Electric Bike Rental is $29.95, and the average rate for an overnight rental is $49.95 for a 7-hour rental. You can enjoy riding along the ocean for a long time, which is a great thing! Overnight rates are also great because you can ride your bike from late afternoon until early morning without feeling rushed to get back home.

3. What’s Included When I Rent an Electric Bike?


When you rent an electric bike in Laguna Beach, we include everything that you will need to have a comfortable ride. That includes helmets and locks, and it’s free if you register online before your rental! There are no hidden fees or surcharges when you rent electric bikes here in Laguna Beach other than taxes! We don’t charge extra fees for helmets or locks. We’ve also got convenient parking that makes it easy to rent electric bikes here in Laguna Beach.

4. Where Can I Ride My Electric Bike?


You can ride an electric bike anywhere in Laguna Beach! Local law only requires that you wear a helmet. Most roads and trails are flat, so riding an electric bike is fun and easy for both kids and adults alike. Most of our renters are individuals who want to have fun riding around the area without getting tired out from moving along on bikes with pedals and trying to pedal up hills.

5. How Long Does It Take to Charge My Electric Bike?


Depending on how long you plan on riding, you may need to charge your electric bike. We recommend charging them for 6-8 hours with a household charger before you begin riding your electric bike. If you have a long day of riding and plan on using one of our overnight rates, book an overnight charge! This will ensure that the battery is fully charged and ready for another day of fun! Most electric bikes can be charged while they’re parked or sitting still, so it won’t take away from your enjoyment while riding!

6. What if I Overdo It?


If you overdo it and begin to get tired while riding, simply stop your electric bike and take a break! If you plan on going more than 25 miles in one direction, we recommend that you plan on taking a break every so often to avoid getting too tired! Rental bikes can be more powerful than normal bikes. To help reduce the risk of fatigue and exhaustion, we recommend taking breaks throughout your ride.

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