The Worst Videos of All Time About Spencer Boldman

by Aaron Finch

This video is a mix of the most cringe-worthy footage of Spencer Boldman on YouTube. It tries to juxtapose his typical facial expressions with the best of the worst, so that you can have a laugh while watching it. Watch Spencer Boldman 2021 in all his glory as he tries to sing and pretend like nothing’s happening in the background. Like when he lost his guitar, or when he couldn’t remember how to play it for a second. This page also has videos about him forgetting lyrics and smashing guitars into pieces for no reason at all… if that’s your thing!

1. Sorting Out His Feelings

It appears that Spencer has a few things to work out in his life. He’s going to burn that bridge when he gets to it, because no one ever comes back from getting rid of someone else’s car.

2. The Worst Drummer in the World

Spencer is known for not being able to play guitar or drums… so naturally it would make sense for him to double-down and try to play both at the same time. That’s not how it works, but Spencer definitely tried his best. At least he might be able to get a job as a DJ!

3. The Guitar That Never Was

The guitar that Simon got for Spencer was actually a nice one. It was perfect for a beginner, and you’d think Spencer would have played it from the first day. But no, fame and glory weren’t enough for him!

4. The Worst Guitarist in the World

There’s something inherently funny about someone who fails at the skill they’ve spent years honing. Spencer is an exception to that rule because he tries so hard, but his jokes fall flat on their face more often than not. He clearly has some issues, but they don’t make sense!

5. The Only One

Spencer was an only child, and he didn’t even know it until his father told him. The presumption is that he was so out of touch with reality that all of this made sense to him. That or he had a really good reaction to all of it!

6. The One After the First One

Thank goodness Spencer knew exactly how to deal with things like this after it happened a second time. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day” then you’ll know how difficult it can be for someone who’s experiencing the same thing over and over again. It’s almost as if Spencer can’t keep track of what’s going on in his life!

7. The Worst Rapper in the World

Rapping is hard, but Spencer isn’t having any of it. He’s just spitting lyrics as if this were any other day. I’m sure he could get some lessons from the pre-packaged ones in the store if he wanted to, but I guess he doesn’t care!

8. The Useless Drummer

Spencer used to be a drummer before the world realized how bad of a drummer he was. At least his friends thought it was funny though! Hopefully that didn’t hurt his feelings…

9. Speaking of Friends…

Spencer’s friends weren’t really there for him during all of his trials and tribulations. They weren’t really good at keeping in touch with one another, nor did they really put any effort into being there for Spencer.

10. The One That Needed a Friend

Getting some help from the rest of the band was clearly something that Spencer couldn’t do alone. He needed backup, and thankfully he got it before things went too far out of hand!

11. The One After the Second One

Spencer found himself in many strange situations during his time with All Time Low. He had a lot of trouble keeping up with all of it sometimes, but he tried to match them as much as he could!

12. The One After the Third One

After a while, things started to become a little routine for Spencer. He didn’t NEED to climb up on the speaker anymore. He was more used to it than anything else!

13. The Worst Person in the World

Spencer had trouble dealing with certain people, so he called up his friends for some support instead. I’m sure they were able to give him some great advice without feeling too bad about it!

14. The Worst Guitar Player in the World

There are plenty of people who are worse guitarists than Spencer, but in All Time Low’s case… I mean, look at how good they are!

15. The Worst Drummer in the World… Again

If Spencer couldn’t play drums, he could at least pretend like he could. He could pretend to be a drummer as if it were a joke, but it wasn’t funny for him! He was serious about it though!

16. The Worst Singer in the World

Spencer is definitely lacking some sort of vocal talent, but at least he’s trying to sing his heart out in this video. If you think about it now, he should try rapping instead of singing… I don’t think that would work so well for him though.


Spencer had a lot of issues, but he definitely wasn’t the worst in the world. He tried his best to make All Time Low funny, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be! There are plenty of other videos on YouTube that can help you get a good laugh though! Just make sure that you don’t end up like Spencer did when you watch them!

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