10 Unexpected Movie Time Tips

by Aaron Finch

We all know there’s no guarantee in life that our wishes will come true. Sometimes, the only thing we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In these tumultuous times, your regal tigard 11 cinemas tigard or might end up as an emergency sleepover…and that’s just fine! If a majority of your favorite movies have a dark side and you’re a bit too scared to watch them at home, here are 10 Unexpected Movie Time Tips from our dire experience.

1. Pack Fresh Bed Sheets

You don’t want to wake in the morning and find that your sheets have been soaked through with blood (particularly if you’re the type to have a mini heart attack every time you lose a couple of drops). Bring sheets so you can change them out before bed. If you arranged for your movie night to be an emergency sleepover, remember that most people are going to be scared out of their minds and they’re probably not going to have time to clean up after themselves too much. Don’t expect anyone else to make all the accommodations for your comfort — unless they come bearing candy, all bets are off!

2. Bring Journals

Have an assignment for the next day that you know is going to be a massive brainwasher? Then you’d better bring a journal with you to the movie. There’s no telling how long the emergency sleepover might last and this way you can make sure your homework isn’t going to suffer. If you have school assignments that need to be completed, don’t forget a pen!

3. Bring Headphones

You’re not going to want regular speakers blaring in your ears during an emergency sleepover, even though it might be hysterical (especially if your friends are making prank calls or singing loudly). You want to be able to hear what’s going on around you. Headphones will allow you to listen to music without disturbing everyone else when the nightmare begins, and it will keep the noises from outside out of your ears.

4. Prepare for a Rainy Day

No matter how hard you try, there’s no way to prepare for all of the problems that might befall you during an emergency sleepover. There are all kinds of things you can’t predict; some are bad, others are awesome. A power outage isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s definitely not expected (unless your buddies came prepared). Bring some lights and some flashlights in case your power ends up out for good.

5. Go Outside Only if it’s Really, Really Necessary

If you start seeing the murk of night arriving and you know your housemates are going to be in a panic, don’t take that as a sign that you’re allowed to go outside. They’re not going to have time, they can’t let you out of the room (unless they’re trying to wrestle you onto their shoulders), and there’s no guarantee that anyone else is even going to be around.

6. The American Girl

We’ve tried many things to make our lives more convenient, but this may be a new record for us. Introducing…The American Girl! If you’re in need of flat pans, check out The American Girls while they’re on sale. We bought one and we can now cook pancakes without any messies at all! And guess what? The same thing goes for making brownies. They have adorable waffle makers that are completely safe and non-toxic, even when there’s no power to the grid (so zip those bags up inside their packaging). Once you have these appliances on your own free will power…you no longer need to ask for permission from anyone else. Get them while they’re hot!

7. Bring a Hot Water Bottle

You never know when you might need to warm up your frozen extremities. To be honest, we’ve heard of people using hot water bottles as blankets too. In our experience, the hot water bottle will be useful if you want to warm up a frozen bottle of juice or soup that’s been in your freezer for a few months. If you’re really desperate and it sounds like everyone is upset you went outside without permission, then maybe breaking out the hot water bottle will calm everyone down enough for them to forgive your faux pas and let you have some privacy with the neighbors again!

8. Pack Emergency Blankets

If it’s starting to get colder outside…then you might want to pack an emergency blanket! These are the thickest and warmest ones we’ve ever seen, and they’re so soft that the only way to find them is to buy them at the Dollar Store. Pack a couple of those for maximum cozy time.

9. Bring Hand Warmers

Even if it’s just for a little while, we’d highly recommend bringing some hand warmers with you. They’re small, compact, and extremely efficient — especially if you’d rather not have to schlep around any blankets or pillows. Just stick ’em in your pockets or coat pockets and you’ll be ready to go!

10. Prepare for the Worst

Since we’re not going to be able to predict when this all goes down, it might be best to prepare for the worst. Bring with you at least one non-perishable emergency food item, a flashlight with extra batteries, an emergency radio with extra batteries and a battery-operated AM/FM radio — and a knife sharpener. Also, if you have any medications that require refrigeration (we’ve been on medication that doesn’t need refrigeration before; we called our doctor and he had to go buy them because they wouldn’t deliver because of our power outage) make sure they’re on ice or in your freezer if possible.


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