The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Relationship Specialist

by Aaron Finch

Are you passionate about relationships? Do you want to help people understand themselves and their partners better? If so, this blog post is for you!

Here, we’ll discuss how to become a relationship specialist – from the definition of a relationship specialist and where to start with your education and training like chester see and grace helbig relationship. We’ll also cover what skills are needed for this career, what salary can be expected, and the life of someone in this field. With that said, take a look at our ultimate guide on how to become a successful relationship specialist!

1. What is a Relationship Specialist?  

“A relationship specialist is somebody who is trained and has specialized in the psychology of relationships,” says Dr. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., a certified family therapist and professor at the University of Houston in Texas. “You’re somebody that people feel comfortable coming to with their relationship problems.”

2. How to Become a Successful Relationship Specialist: Where to Start with Your Education

If you want to become a relationship specialist, you’ll need an education in counseling or psychology. There are different schools that provide these types of degrees, such as California University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, and Northeastern Illinois University.

3. Skills Needed to Be a Relationship Specialist

The best relationship specialists are able to analyze their clients’ problems and find ways to resolve them, as well as give advice on how their clients can improve the way they communicate with their partners. You also must be able to remain calm, even when you’re working with couples who are dealing with serious relationship problems, such as abuse or infidelity.

4. What Does a Good Relationship Specialist Make?  

“Your average salary is going to be around $40,000 [per year], with the top income being $100,000,” says Lawlis. “There’s a good starting salary for someone who’s been a counselor for three years [and] hasn’t worked before, $25,000. A couple years of experience and you can move up to $40,000.”

“A relationship specialist will earn anywhere between $30,000 to $50,000,” says Lawlis. “This depends on your facility and location.”

As you work as a relationship specialist, you will be able to work with children and couples in distress. For example, one of the most popular jobs is working with parents that are in conflict about whether or not their children should go to church after school.

5. What Is the Life of the Relationship Specialist Like?

Relationship specialists work in hospitals, clinics, counseling offices, schools and homes,” says Lawlis. “There are people who just work out of their house setting up appointments with couples they think they can help. They might have a couple of hours a week during which they’re open to seeing couples when they need them.”

Lawlis also says that these specialists have to be aware of the different ways married couples are in conflict and how to deal with this situation. “They have to understand how to use techniques and tools that will assist a person in resolving their own relationship problems and be able to help other people with relationship issues.”

6. Are There Any Factors That Can Affect Your Career Options?

You will find that more and more relationship specialists are focusing on couples that are already in a relationship. “These people are focusing on very specific problems, so the work is becoming a specialist in what they do,” says Lawlis. “They’re focusing on couple therapy.”

“The number of people working in these types of settings is growing,” says Lawlis. “We have counselors working in hospitals, we have them up at the local church. The word is out there that there’s three times as many people looking for this type of therapy. The need is growing by leaps and bounds.”

7. Do You Need to Be Licensed to Become a Relationship Specialist?

“Some states require licensure, but not many,” says Lawlis. “A good way to get one is to work for a hospital or outpatient [clinic]. Then, once you have some experience in that field of practice, you can apply for a license.”

8. If a Relationship Specialist Is Bad for Your Relationship… What Can You Do About It?

If you’re working with troubled couples and trying to help them with their problems, it’s important that they know that they should be open with what they’re going through.

“It’s important that the couple understands how the relationship specialist approaches them and what he or she is doing,” says Lawlis.

If you’re not getting the results you want from working with a particular specialist, it might be helpful to contact a counselor who specializes in working with that type of relationship.

“We have family counselors and marriage counselors who will work with couples,” says Lawlis. “The word ‘marriage’ is very important. We’re talking about somebody who is specifically trained in working with married couples.”


If you want to become a relationship specialist, you’ll need to put in the time and effort it takes to get a degree. You will also need to work with people who have relationship issues or personal problems. This is a career that can help you learn more about your clients and how they’re feeling when they come to see you.

You’ll be working on your relationships with others, so it’s important that you find someone who can help you learn more about what your clients need. Your education and training will allow you to learn new techniques that might be helpful in helping them resolve their relational issues.


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