Super Easy Ways To Handle Your Extra Relationship

by Aaron Finch

Sometimes relationships take a weird turn. One of you is feeling overworked and the other is struggling to find a job. You find yourself running into each other’s exes and fighting about who’s more annoying. 

There are so many ways to complicate your relationship, but there are also some super easy ways to handle all these extra relationship problems. Here Love Shayarii is a list of super easy ways to deal with some common relationship problems.

Easier ways to deal with an annoying ex when you are dating

When you date someone who used to date your ex, it’s hard not to run into each other at least once every time you go out. 

This can be awkward and sometimes lead to fights between you and your partner. To avoid this problem here are some ways to handle it:

1) Be aware of what they look like: 

In order not to run into your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, you should always pay more attention when they are around. They will have a unique look that will make them stick out in a crowd. For example, some girls always wear their hair up in ponytails and other girls always wear high heels. If you can notice these small things, then you will be able to find your ex much easier.

2) Don’t think about it: 

Whatever happened between the two of them is over now and you shouldn’t dwell on it. You can’t control who your girlfriend used to date or who your boyfriend used to date. All you have to do is accept it as part of their past. It’s not even worth breaking up with someone just because they dated your ex, because that is really a petty thing to do in the long run. Just forget about it and keep the peace.

3) Don’t be overprotective: 

A lot of people think that their partner should treat them differently when they are with their ex. They think that their partner should hold their hand tighter and walk closer to them. While that might seem cute, it is also extremely overprotective. It makes your partner feel like you don’t trust her and it can lead to other issues down the road. 

Just be yourself and don’t treat her any differently than she wants to be treated. She will appreciate you a lot more if you treat her right in public instead of always acting like you need to protect her at all times.

Easier ways to run into your ex when you are dating

If you love going out, then it is almost impossible to avoid running into your ex. It happens all the time when you go out every night and meet new people all the time. If it ever happens to you, here are some ways to handle that situation:

1) Laugh about it: 

This is probably one of the best things you can do. Laughter will help ease some of the tension in a situation like this. You should never try and get mad because it will make everything worse. If someone points them out, just laugh along with them until they forget about it. 

If you can just laugh it off, it will be much easier to get through that situation. Make sure that the people around you are okay with this, because they may not want to laugh with you.

2) Be honest: 

If they bring up your ex in a serious way, then you should always be honest about it. Just tell them that you have moved on from what happened and that there is no reason for them to talk about it anymore. 

You don’t always have to say kind things about your ex if you don’t want to, but at least be honest about how you feel about him or her. If there is a reason that they are talking about your ex, such as if she likes him or wants to date him again, then you should let them know that it is not happening.

3) Don’t argue: 

Arguing with the person who keeps bringing up your ex will only make things worse. It will just lead to more fights and more tension between you and the person who keeps bringing up your ex. 

If you start arguing with them, then it is like they think they are right because they are always trying to tell people that it is true. Just ignore it and move on. There’s no reason to fight with them over something that happened so long ago. Just laugh it off and try to forget about it soon.

More of these things can happen, but these are the most common ones. If you can avoid running into your ex and handle the situation the best way you can, then you will be able to keep a happy relationship. 

Just remember that relationships don’t always have to be this complicated and there are plenty of ways to make them simple!

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