Why Couples Choose the Festive Season to Tie the Knot

by Yash

Why Couples Choose the Festive Season to Tie the Knot

Getting married can be both exciting and daunting for couples. There is a huge amount to organise and decide such as where to get married, who to invite, how much you can afford to spend, and much more. Another thing you have to think about is when to get married, as you need to set the date and then start working toward getting everything organised.

Summer and spring weddings are very popular among couples, but these days, there are also many couples that decide to tie the knot over the festive season. There are many reasons why couples choose this time of the year. Of course, some couples decide to head to sunnier climes to get married during the festive season and combine their wedding and honeymoon. For instance, you can view safari wedding venues in South Africa.

In this article, we will look at some of the reasons couples choose to wed during the festive season.

Some of the Reasons to Choose This Time of the Year

There are many reasons why couples choose to get married over the festive season rather than the traditionally popular seasons of spring and summer. Some of these are:

Time off Work

At this time of the year, many people have time off work for the festive holidays. This makes it far easier for couples to ensure their nearest and dearest can attend the wedding as many of them will be off work for a period of time already due to business closures over the holidays. So, this means greater convenience and ease when it comes to planning the guest list and working out who can make the big day.

Not as Busy

Another reason a lot of couples choose this time of the year to get married is that it is not as busy, and this means that they have a better chance of getting the date they want, the venue they want, and all of the services they need for the wedding. As mentioned earlier, a lot of couples aim for dates in the spring or summer, so opting for a winter wedding means you have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to your arrangements.

Lower Costs Involved

As most couples will know, weddings can be very expensive, and for those who are on a tight budget, it can be difficult to have the sort of wedding they really want. The good news is that it can often be considerably cheaper to get married in the winter because it is off-peak. Whether you are planning to get married locally or head abroad to tie the knot, you will often save a lot of money on all aspects of your wedding.

A Wonderful Time of the Year

The festive season is already a wonderful time of the year for many people. If you get married at this time of the year, you can make it even more special, and this is something that you can enjoy year after year on your wedding anniversary.

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