Living Posh And Love – How They Are The Same

by Aaron Finch

For those who are new to the idea of having a luxury lifestyle of triceratop position, it can be easy to get off track. For example, you might start wearing a designer bag, thinking that you should spend your money on what really matters and not worry about the ‘little things’. Whilst this is often true for most people, there’s no harm in living with the extras. After all, these little luxuries can make your life seem much more comfortable and enjoyable. Another everyday example of how living posh is just like love is that you need to give yourself time in order for your relationship to blossom into something great.

1. You Can Start Posh By Treating Yourself

There are many ways to start embracing an expensive lifestyle, but one of the best is to treat yourself. This need not be anything extravagant. Instead, you could decide that every time you stop by a coffee shop, you will grab a cup without paying for it. Now if you’re thinking that this isn’t posh at all – think again! When you treat yourself this way, your body and mind will both tell you that life is good. You’ll feel like a king or queen and this will encourage you to stick with the plan of making your own life even better over time.

2. You Need To Have Patience

When it comes to love, patience is key. After all, it takes time to find the right partner and far too many people rush into things without thinking. This is very true in the world of luxury living too. You might want a bigger home but if you take on more debt than you can handle, you’ll end up with the opposite of what you want. It’s important to focus on the long term and know that getting there will require a lot of hard work and effort.

3. You Need To Take The Time It Takes

When it comes to luxury living, you need to be patient. There are many people out there who want things yesterday and if they don’t get what they want then their lives fall apart. This is not the kind of life you want to live, so learning to have patience – even when you’re young – is the best way forward.

4. You Need To Be Honest With Yourself

In order for a relationship to blossom, both partners need to be honest with each other about what’s important in their lives. It’s the same with achieving posh living. You need to look at your life and decide what’s really important to you. It might be your status or it might be your family, but either way you need to stay true to yourself if you want anything lasting.

5. Your Partner Is More Important Than The Luxuries You Have

When it comes down to it, luxuries are nowhere near as important as the people in your life that love and care for you. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is unsupportive of your desire for a luxurious lifestyle, then that’s something you should really consider before moving forward with them. No one should ever hold you back when it comes to enjoying a better lifestyle!

6. You Need To Live In A Comfortable Home

The best kind of home to have is one that you can really call home. After all, if you live in a posh place, but it’s not where you truly want to be, then what’s the point? If you can’t be happy there, then why stay? You’ll end up making yourself miserable and this is something that cannot happen for the people who want to achieve a better lifestyle.

7. You Need To Listen To Your Heart

Just because someone doesn’t love your expensive lifestyle or tell you that you’re wrong about it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your choices. Instead, you should go with your gut feeling and follow your heart in the right way. Thankfully, if you do this, then you’ll know that you’re on the right path and this will help to motivate you in making your destination a reality.

8. You Need To Be Willing To Set Goals

When it comes to luxury traveling around the globe, it’s important to make it a goal to reach for the stars. Otherwise, all of the hard work will be for nothing and that’s something that cannot be tolerated by people who want a better life. Setting goals will keep you going – even when things get tough – and these are exactly what people need in order for them to become posh living achievers.

9. Sometimes Your Luxurious Lifestyle Will Fall Apart

You can’t predict the future and this is a lesson that people learning to live luxuriously need to learn. If things go wrong and your life begins to fall apart, then you need to be able to pick yourself up and move on. You need to smile and know that everything’s going to work out – even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. 

10. Love Comes Before Luxury 

If you want to be successful in love then you should treat love number one in your life, before anything else . This means that should you get into a relationship with someone who doesn’t support the fact that you want a better lifestyle, you might have lost more than just an amazing love.


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