Build a Modern Living Room in Minecraft

by Aaron Finch
living room

Minecraft is a game about crafting and building, in which you can use blocks to make pretty much anything you like. It can be used as a creative outlet or for more practical purposes such as building your own house. 

Imagine how hard it would be to build your living room if you were limited to only being able to use the materials from inside the game! Luckily, there are various mods that change the blocks available in Minecraft and other features of the game so that it’s possible.

In this blog post we will show you how to download these mods and install them in order to create your own modern-day living room using only blocks available in Minecraft’s current standard mode.

How To Build a Modern Living Room in Minecraft :

1. Download mods

Firstly, you will need to download the mods that add in the blocks for your living room (or other parts of your house). There are many different mods that do this, but we will use two very popular ones: Chisel, which adds in new blocks; and Chisels & Bits, which adds in chiseling tools to turn these blocks into new shapes.

2. Install Forge & LiteLoader

Next you will need to install a program called Minecraft Forge as well as LiteLoader. These are programs that make it possible for you to use mods like Chisel and Chisels & Bits. To download them, visit and search for “Minecraft Forge” and download them. Then run the LiteLoader installer. For instructions on how to install these programs, you can check out this guide from Minecraft Wiki.

3. Install Mods

Once Forge and LiteLoader have been installed, you can go ahead and download the mods. These will be found in the Minecraft Mod API section of CurseForge. Click on the links next to the mods to download them. When you have downloaded all of them, simply double click on each one to run the installer, then follow any other instructions that may be given during installation. After this is done, you should be able to launch Minecraft with these mods installed!

4. Install modding program

There is a lot of work to be done before you can actually use the mods, so you will need to install a program that can add the mods from CurseForge into Minecraft. The easiest way to do this is via the Minecraft Forge API. You will be prompted to download “Minecraft Forge”, which you should do. Then download the latest version of the modding program called ForgeHooks, and install it on your computer (you can find it on CurseForge).

5. Set up Forge

After installing ForgeHooks, run it once and it should prompt you to select the Minecraft version you want to play. The version you choose will determine what mods it can load, so click on 1.12. Then run the Minecraft Launcher (which is inside the Minecraft folder), and click “Edit Profile”. 

Then click “Use Version”, tick the box for Forge, then click save and close. By default Minecraft will now try to use Forge whenever you launch the game, but when we are done configuring everything in Forge, we will be launching from LiteLoader instead of this launcher.

6. Run Forge

Now that you have configured Forge, click on the “Launch Minecraft” button and start the game normally. When you have done this a couple of times, you will find yourself trying to play Minecraft with mods installed. 

But what is the difference? Where are the extra blocks coming from? It turns out that when you run Forge for the first time, it is actually looking for a special folder in your Minecraft folder called “mods”, so make sure you open this up to define which mods it should load.

7. Run Minecraft with Forge

Now you have a folder called “mods” in your Minecraft directory, but look at the contents. There are no mods inside it. So you will need to go to CurseForge and click on the link for each of your mods and download them again from there. 

Then run Forge again, but this time it should create some folders inside “mods”, and populate these with the mods you have downloaded. Now when you run the game with Forge, you should see these extra blocks available in the world!

8. Customize Mods

Now that you have a few mods installed and can play the game with them, it’s time to start customizing them. First you will need to change the settings for each mod so that they will function properly. 

This can often be done from within the mod itself, or you can use the modding program ForgeHooks to do it for you. Go into ForgeHooks and click “Open Mod”. Then click on your newly-installed mods and configure them as required. All of your changes will be saved when you exit ForgeHooks, so make sure you are happy with all of them before exiting.

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