Learn The Truth About Business Marketing In The Next 60 Seconds

by Aaron Finch
Content marketing

Every day, new posts about marketing pop up all over the Internet. From social media marketing to Inbound Marketing to Digital Marketing, most of them are trying to sell you something. We’ve found the real truth behind business marketing. In this post, we tell you everything from how to set up your strategy and what channels work best to how much budget you need and why it’s essential for your organization.Learn about the truth of business marketing here : .

 In addition, we’ll show you how your return on investment should influence your marketing. We’ve even included a free guide to building a winning business marketing strategy that you can download right now at the end of this post.

The Truth About Business Marketing :

1. Have A Marketing Strategy That Works

The first rule of business marketing is to have a strategy that works. To be fair, we won’t tell you how to create your marketing strategy, but we will tell you how to evaluate whether it works or not: Return On Investment (ROI). ROI is the ratio between the revenue that your marketing brings in and its cost. In other words, how much money did your marketing generate for the company?

2. How To Calculate ROI:

To find out whether your business marketing strategy is effective, you need to calculate the return on investment. This can be done in a number of ways. The easiest way is by looking at your Google Analytics or by using the Calculator on Social Media Today. There are also other metrics you can use like conversion rate and customer satisfaction. For example, if you’re talking to someone online and they click on links every day but aren’t buying from you and eventually leave your site, then your links are not working. 

3. Three Ways To Measure Your Return On Investment:

Inbound Marketing – If you make an investment in content creation, then this is one of the best tools for measuring your return on investment. The reason behind this is that by creating interesting and useful content, you’re increasing the number of people who visit your site. This means that more people will click on links and buy products from you. We’ll go over inbound marketing in detail later in this post. Social Media Marketing – Social media created a huge opportunity for marketers to measure return on investment by using social media analytics tools.

 The reason it’s easier to calculate ROI through social media marketing is because you can track how many likes, shares and comments your posts get. This way you’re able to see how many people are engaging with you. If a lot of people engage with you on social media, then that means more people are going to click on links and buy products from you. Digital Marketing – The good thing about digital marketing is that everything is measurable. 

You know exactly how many clicks, impressions and views you have. If your marketing strategy involves PPC (pay-per-click), then the easiest way to measure your ROI is by looking at cost per acquisition (CPA) or cost per action (CPA). You can calculate CPA by dividing your cost by the number of actions and conversions you get. For example, if the cost per action is $20, then your cost per acquisition is $80. You can then see how much money your marketing generates through PPC or CPA.

4. The Truth About Online Advertising:

You might have heard about online advertising and how it’s a great way to reach a lot of people at once. However, most marketing strategies fail because they don’t perform well enough to generate an ROI that works for the business. If you compare numbers from other B2B companies like and, you’ll see that their numbers dwarf their competitors like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

This means that you can’t outsource your business marketing efforts to other companies or simply use digital advertising tools like Facebook Ads or Adwords to drive traffic and sales for your website. You need to build your brand and sell directly to your audience.

5. The Truth About Social Media Marketing:

If you’re using social media, then you’re probably using it along with other tools for marketing, like webinars, email marketing or even SEO (search engine optimization). However, all of these are just means to an end. The reason why social media marketing works is because it helps you build a brand and acquire new customers by reaching your audience with relevant content that they want to see. If you want to measure ROI through social media marketing, then try this: Divide the number of views by the number of times a company shares their content on social media.

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