How to Find Light Coin Purse: Sekiro

by Aaron Finch

It is possible to find a light coin purse in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ,light coin purse sekiro

are worth more than regular coin purses, so it is wise to only pick up light coin purses if you are short on good weapons or armor. It can also be used to trade with NPCs for new equipment. Keep reading for info on how to find the elusive items!

The different types of enemies in Sekiro get different kinds of loot, which means that finding lights can be a jackpot when it comes to getting rare items (although regular lights always carry valuable coins). There are two types of lights: regular and parietal.

Regular coins are the most common and can be found anywhere. They come from the wooden boxes, piles of stones, pots and some coffins (which themselves only contain silver coins). The coins in pots can be found by searching under the planks covering them, although there is no guarantee you’ll find any inside.

Parietal lights are more valuable than regular lights but also harder to find. These are only found on fallen enemies or within chests in the castle. You can also get these lights by turning in certain items . We recommend finding all of your light coin purses first, because they carry a lot of value.

How to Find Light Coin Purse : Sekiro

1. Open Chests and Loot

You’ll find these coins within chests hidden in the environment, but more light coin purses are carried by enemies, killed or condemned by your allies. The most common enemies that carry light coin purses are the wolves and ninjas.

2. Give Items to NPCs for Lights

You can find NPCs in many different places and they will reward you with a light coin purse if you give them certain items. This can also be done at shrines (the bell-wielding ones). You have a chance of getting a light coin purse back after asking an NPC to give it to you or vice versa (i.e., giving him a light coin purse).

3. Gather Up Coins

Look for fallen enemies and you’ll find many of them will have light coin purses. Killing these enemies can give you a lot of coin, but it’s not guaranteed. You’ll be happy if you gather up a few lights, however, as they’re worth a lot of gold.

4. Turn in Items for Lights

Once you’ve found all the light coin purses, turn them in at the camps along the way. This is a high-risk approach as it could take you some time to find all of them and you may be too fatigued from running around to get them. But on the flip side, if you do it right, turning on lights will give you more of a prize than turning in regular coins – they’re worth a lot more!

5. Collecting Lights

If you can’t find any light coin purses, it may be a good idea to buy every single one you see for the day, because if you’re short on good equipment or funds, it’s always better to stock up. It is not recommended unless you have lots of coins to spare. Also, try out all the merchants and peddlers. A lot of them will sell light coin purses.

6. Iron Coins

Iron coins are used to buy items from the blacksmith and to level up skills at shrines. You’ll get these by opening chests, finding them on enemies or turning in regular coins (with the exception of idolatry and prayer coin purses). Iron coin purses are worth less than light coin purses but you can still sell them for plenty of gold.

7. Potions, Supplies and Spices

Potion shops sell healing items and spices, as well as supply Shrines that boost your stats with special spices. These shops are located along the way and can be used if you’re not looking for anything expensive or if you need some healing. They can also be used to top up your spices, which are used in shrines to level up your skills.

8. Get New Items from Merchants

Merchants have plenty of items and sell their wares for gold coins. They have a tendency to move around, so you’ll have to find and follow them if you want their goods (look out for the green arrow on your minimap). 

Some merchants may charge different prices, so remember to compare if you’re looking for a good deal. You will find merchants in most dungeons as well as camps. Merchants and peddlers only accept coin purses in exchange for their wares, not any other kind of coin or item.

9. Find Miracles

Miracles are rare items that you can use for buffs. They’re a bit similar to how Pokemon work, in that activating one miracle turns it on and it has to recharge before use again (unless you have several).

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