Fluff Festival Coin Hunt: Eighth Episode of Pianta Village

by Aaron Finch

The hunt for the eighth treasure has come to an end. The treasure hunt has been underway for a long time now, but here is a final update on where the coins are. The fluff festival coin hunt started as a contest in Pianta Village 2 years ago, and we’re still going strong! The number of coins hidden throughout the game’s world is 823 at this point. Hopefully you’ve been able to find them all!

So remember, stay patient and keep looking! You’ll get your prize soon enough.

This last article will be of informative and factual nature on what the blog post is going to be about: “fluff festival coin hunt”. Hope you will enjoy reading it after the break.

Fluff Festival Coin Hunt: Eighth Episode of Pianta Village :

1. The Yellow Coin :

The first coin is found in Pianta Village, after the second flight into space. Once you land from the flight back, head down to the cannon. In front of it, there is a small bunched up grass patch. Use Cudge to flatten it out, revealing a coin slot. Then use your Snifit buddy to shoot some grub bait into it and a yellow coin will pop out!

2. The Green Coin :

The second one is found in the same place as the last one upon landing in space after your first flight over there: Pianta Village! This time shoot two grub baits into both slots and both coins will fall from above!

3. The Blue Coin :

This coin is behind the waterfall on a slide-y squashy island. This means you will have to first use Fleep to make a bridge over that part of the water, allowing you to reach it. Then jump up and get the coin!

4. The Red Coin :

The red one is found after going through a submarine area in slide-y squashy island, killing a boss there, and then ascending to its top level. Once you reach here, use Cudge on the bushes hidden under the water here and a limited time vine will pop up. Here’s how to get it:

Go into the water and then use Cudge on the bushes to get a vine. Once you are holding on to that vine, move back into the air. Once you do that, it will break off from you and give you a red coin!

5. The Purple Coin :

Another one is found in a slide-y squashy island after going through a submarine area there. In this submarine room, there is an invisible statue with a hidden coin slot for your coins. Here’s how to get it:

Get a coin from a yellow block. Then use that coin on the slot and then it will make the statue visible! Now, blow into the mic to destroy it and get your coin!

6. The Flowery Garden :

The seventh flowery garden is located in Forever Forest. In this level, you must use Cudge to destroy the bushes around the waterfall with vines behind them. They’re easy to spot and they look like the flowery bushes in the slide-y squashy levels. Use that vine to reach the top of the waterfall and get your coin!

7. The “Loopy” Islands :

The eighth and final coin is found on the highest level of one of those loop islands in space. It’s on a ledge there, so you will have to use Cudge on it, throwing it off into space where you can reach it. Now swim out there with some kind of special power and get that coin!

8. The Desert Treasure :

The treasure is found in the level where you first meet the Wind Chariot. Use Fleep to blow into the mic and then walk out of the path of the wind chariot and over to it, so it carries you over to it. Once you are there, use Cudge on one of those bushes that’s hiding a coin slot and get your treasure!

Fluff Festival Coin Hunt:

This is the eighth episode of the Pianta Village coin hunt! We’re still on our quest to find all 823 coins hidden in Pianta Village. This time we have a great challenge for you. It’s really just a game of endurance and patience, but with treasure at the end! 

The treasure hunt started as a fun contest that got to be so big, we decided to make it a regular thing. There will be 888 coins hidden in Pianta Village. Every coin is placed out there with specific clues and hints that any Mario fan or a simpleton (like me) could find.

 The first person to post a review on this page with the link to his/her blog and full account of how they got all the coins will win a special prize! But after you get the coin, don’t forget the review part. Please note that we are not offering any prizes other than credit for completing the coin hunt.

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