How SEO Strategists Can Help You Improve Your Website

by Aaron Finch
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A quick Google search of “SEO” will yield millions of results, but with all that noise in the marketplace, it can be tough to know what you’re looking for. For many people, the term SEO conjures up images of shady black-hat tactics and using shady link-building sites. However, these connotations are outdated and can actually harm your business if you take them as gospel.

That’s why this blog post  is here to clear up some confusion around SEO: what it is, why it matters for your business today (hint: A LOT!), and how a qualified SEO strategist can help optimize your website so that you don’t have to worry about it any more.

What are the benefits of a great SEO strategy?

Recognition in search engine results is definitely important, but a strong web presence is more than just recognition. A successful SEO strategy strives to bring in new prospects and turns them into customers, boost customer loyalty and sales conversion, and strengthen your reputation as an industry leader. The best SEO experts help businesses with all of these goals and more!

How do SEO services work?

As a business owner, you likely have your hands full with managing your operations, marketing and other essentials such as finance. This is why you need a professional to help you with the nitty-gritty of running your digital marketing strategy. The best SEO strategists will take care of the back-end tasks, such as keyword research, competitor analysis, link-building strategy, content creation and more.

What is SEO?

It’s easy to confuse SEO with SMO (social media optimization). However, they’re actually very different in terms of their approach and objectives. Social media optimization aims to increase your presence on social media sites by sharing engaging content across your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. On the other hand, search engine optimization aims to improve your website ranking in major search engines such as Google for relevant keywords in order to drive traffic directly to your site.

As an SEO strategist, you can help your company turn customers into loyal patrons and become an industry leader while making it easy to find your content. SEO is a powerful tool that a small business can use to create growth, but only if it’s used correctly.

Most business owners put off the hard work because they assume it means using shady tactics and buying links from black hat sites. However, this is becoming less and less of a concern as more businesses utilize smart Google-friendly strategies to improve their search engine rankings. Businesses no longer rely on low-quality, spammy links to drive traffic and rank in the search results.

How SEO Strategists Can Help You Improve Your Website :

1. Analyze your website

Your SEO expert will assess your current state and optimize it based on best practices and his expertise to help you get more traffic. The analysis will include an assessment of your site content, title tags, meta descriptions, keyword density, URL structure and internal linking structure. 

Your strategy will address a variety of key factors including proper usage of keywords and keyword density. This can be done by checking the densities in the content (text) as well as the density of links pointing to the site. A strong SEO strategy aims to improve click-through rates (CTR) by increasing overall relevance for target visitors and ensuring that visitors are getting what they expect when arriving on your site.

2. Create content that is easy to find

SEO experts will work with you to create content that is easy to find and find the best keywords for your site. This can be done through keyword research, competitor analysis and more. 

This is where a good SEO strategist can help you quickly pick up on what your target audience wants as well as what keywords have the highest potential for traffic and sales. This can help businesses get more customers by ensuring that users don’t have to click through pages of content before landing at their desired page.

3. Optimize your site

Once it’s been determined which keywords are most relevant to your business, then a good SEO professional will help you optimize your website by improving its search engine rankings. This is done by analyzing the website to find elements that are currently hindering or helping ranking. This can be done by setting up and monitoring keyword rankings, tracking sales conversions (if your site allows for leads), conducting competitor analysis and more.

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