15 Top Risks Of Attending Negative Seo Tactics

by Aaron Finch
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What are the negative SEO tactics?

Negative SEO tactics are techniques that result in Google penalizing a website for a bad ranking, making it less visible on the search engine’s results page. Negative SEO is a very dangerous business when done improperly and can cost some companies their entire business. Link building is a highly competitive field these days, but if done correctly, it can be very lucrative and rewarding. Today we will take a look at the risks involved with choosing the wrong link building agency for your company.

15 Top Risks Of Attending Negative Seo Tactics :

1. You can get your site penalized :

Google is constantly on the lookout for individual pages, links and entire domains that are doing so much damage that they can be seen to be in violation of the Search Engine Optimization Guidelines.

2. Negative SEO will get your site removed from SERPs :

Google may stop displaying the bad score or bury it. It’s very important for a company to have someone on staff who is able to manually review a website each time it is submitted for indexing. If it’s not up-to-date then Google will not list it in their search results and this can result in a huge loss of traffic and brand name recognition.

3. You will not be able to recover your site :

Generally, a company that’s been negatively affected by black hat work is not going to get very far in their campaign to get Google to restore their previous results. The black hats are looking for loopholes in the search engine’s coding to place spam or malware on the site and then direct their own links at it. 

4. You can be fined by Google :

Google has been known to remove sites once they have been penalized and this is something that needs to be watched in order to avoid financial disaster. Companies who are looking to achieve a high ranking can do their own manual investigation of their site and find the black hat tactics that have taken place on it.

5. You can get sued for damages :

Black hat SEO companies can sue a company for all the damage that they have caused. In most instances, this will happen if their tactics are extreme or have been proven to be able to cause significant issues. All that a company needs to do in order to avoid this scenario is to stay on top of their site and make sure that there are no problems present on it.

6. Negative SEO can cost your business :

Having a negative site or domain name can easily be the downfall of any business. In order to stay on top in this very competitive industry, they need to have a well maintained site that is able to deliver the best possible results for them in their search engine optimization campaign.

7. Negative SEO can get you a bad reputation :

Companies will make mistakes, which is a part of being human. The problem arises though if they don’t have someone to protect their online reputation after an issue has been found. In most instances, companies will then find that they are unable to get past the black hat work that has been done against their name .

8. Negative SEO service can get you in trouble :

There are some cases where it’s possible for a company to do as much damage to their own site as anyone else has done. A good example of this is if they are trying to sneak past Google’s algorithms using manual link creation and they get caught doing it.

9. Negative SEO can kill your conversion :

If a company has the opportunity to convert a new customer into a repeat buyer, then they will do everything in their power to do so. This is an important part of running any business and it’s something that needs to be kept in mind at all times. 

10. Negative SEO is the worst possible thing :

No one wants to hear that they may be doing something that they shouldn’t be making a habit of. However, when it comes to having a negative site or domain name, everyone needs to understand that there are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to do anything in order to destroy a company’s reputation. 

11. Negative SEO can hurt you :

Negative SEO is a huge concern for companies who are looking to make a name for themselves online and it needs to be addressed as soon as it begins taking place. This can occur in a variety of ways and if the black hat work is not caught in time then it could lead to serious negative results. 

12. Negative SEO is the only way to go :

Negative SEO is not the kind of thing that anyone wants to hear about. It can seem like a way for someone to get the competition to do their dirty work for them and if they don’t have the skills or knowledge to identify what is going on, they could end up losing everything.

13. Negative SEO can be a nightmare :

Negative results on search engines can seem like a fluke at first. However, when it becomes an issue for you and your company then you need to be prepared to do everything within your power to remedy the situation. 

14. It can impact your site :

When a company’s reputation is affected by negative results on Google, then they may lose out on any potential clients that they might have had in the past. This can be a long standing issue when it happens and especially if they don’t have someone to make sure that their site stays clean and up to date at all times.

15. Black hat SEO can be very bad :

People who believe in black hat SEO tactics are often the ones who need to try and keep other companies down so they can stay on top. This doesn’t work in the long run and it’s important to know that if every company focuses on fixing their mistakes, then there will be nothing for them to use against anyone else.

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