Why Is Everyone Talking About Reelz ?

by Aaron Finch

Reelz is a documentary-based network that is ranked #19 in the U.S. For those of you who are curious about why it’s so highly rated, there’s more to Reelz than meets the eye. It was launched in 2004 by A&E Networks, which originally released Reelz as a sister network to A&E, with the same focus on history and reality programming. 

But then in 2011, it became its own standalone channel and has been growing ever since! As of now, Reelz has two different TV genres: documentaries and scripted non-fiction series. Reelz now activate are true crime story programming, paranormal series, and other types of non-fiction programming. It is also currently the cable home of “Pawn Stars,” which is one of their most popular shows.

Reelz and History Channel both share a lot in common. They’ve both created a lot of their own original content that have made them very successful. However, the biggest difference between them is that History Channel’s target audience tends to be older and Reelz typically targets younger viewers.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Reelz :

1. Paranormal Programming

Reelz offers a different kind of paranormal experience. Their shows contain real interviews from other people who have had similar paranormal experiences to those featured on their show. Reelz has created great scripted shows like Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories, which takes an in-depth look at celebrity guests who used to be unbelievers, but are now believers after seeing what they saw.

2. American Justice

Reelz’s American Justice is a new take on the popular show America’s Most Wanted. So far, there have been two seasons of American Justice, and it has won two awards for Best Factual Series. The series takes place in Los Angeles and focuses on stories of the most wanted criminals, who have been featured on the FBI’s lists of Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. As much as I love their shows about paranormal experiences, I recommend checking this show out! It’s based off real-life events, but it still has an interesting spin to it. It’s guaranteed to keep you entertained.

3. The Kennedys – After Camelot

You may have already seen this documentary when it aired on History Channel, but not in the way that you see it now. It followed the entire Kennedy family and what happened to them after JFK’s assassination. The main focus of this show is on Ted Kennedy, who was arguably one of the most influential people in American history. 

The show is full of interviews with loved ones and other notable political figures, like John Kerry who went to college with Ted Kennedy. There are also exclusive photos throughout the documentary that give even more insight into what happened behind closed doors. You might be interested to see how Jackie Kennedy and her children coped with these very tragic events.

4. Chef Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Conquest

After the success of Food Network’s Iron Chef, they decided to do a more in-depth show, where they get a new chef from each episode and help them turn their restaurants into successful franchises. They found an amazing chef in Robert Irvine, who was just getting started when he was tapped for this show. 

Robert grew his restaurant “Citrus” and became very successful because of it. He later opened up another restaurant called “Robert Irvine Steakhouse,” which is located in Dallas, Texas.

5. Hard Core History

If you’re an avid fan of History Channel’s shows, you know most of the history that they cover is pretty factual. Hard Core History has the same concept. The show focuses on real people and their incredible journeys. There are also many different locations that they have explored, like caves and underground scenes. So far, there have been three seasons done with Hard Core History, which is quickly becoming one of their most popular shows.

6. Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is a documentary series on Netflix that’s based on the theory that many different ancient civilizations had nothing to do with each other and were actually related. The show takes a look at some of the most amazing locations that have yet to be found and shows what’s there. 

It explores many different archeological sites and features people who study ancient cultures, like Peter Lemesurier who is an expert on the subject of those who believe in Ancient Astronauts. This show is a great watch for those interested in ancient civilizations!

7. The History Channel

The History Channel is mostly known for its documentaries and historical programs, but it also has some paranormal programming as well. The History Channel has gone through many changes since it first started broadcasting in 1986. There were many years where they only had two or three shows, but they were usually very successful.

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