Where to Eat Before a Flyers Game

by Ethan More

When a Flyers game is coming up, it’s a good idea to get your entire game day planned out as much as possible. Not only do you want to eat the best food possible, so you’re excited but not too full, before the game, but you also want to be as close to the Wells Fargo Center as possible.

These are the top eateries in Philly to check out before a game and why they’re the real game changers.

1. Campo’s

What’s Philadelphia without its cheesesteaks? Half tourist trap, half gameday food, but fully delicious, Campo’s is a world-famous cheesesteak and Americana restaurant that offers anything you could possibly crave before a game.

The meat is tender and cooked perfectly, the cheese is gooey and creamy, and even the rolls themselves are perfect. This is the best eatery in the city!

2. Cadillac Grille

Many who stop at the Cadillac Grille expect inexpensive, fast food, and although this Gastropub is affordable: its food is some of the best you’ll ever try. From hot wings cooked and seasoned to perfection to steak and potatoes that will leave you full and blissful, you’ll want to look at Philadelphia houses for sale after you eat here! 

3. P.J. Wheilihan’s Pub

If you’re running late and want to make sure you don’t run out of time or miss anything, you might want to stop and eat at P.J. Whelihan’s Pub and Restaurant! This stop is part of the Wells Fargo Center, which means they’re always there when you need them.

Instead of rushing to eat because you’re worried about parking or getting to the center in time, you can simply get to your seat with as much food as you want and enjoy all of the gameday classics. From cold and refreshing beer to hot wings and hot dogs, you’ll be happy you stopped here.

4. Gatehouse

If you want to slow things down right before the game to prepare yourself for all of the noise and wild fun, it’s a good idea to go to Gatehouse. This awesome Italian restaurant is owned by the Venturi family, and every dish is cooked with love. You can sit indoors or out on the terrace, where you can watch the city sweep by in excitement for the game. This is a must-try destination for any pasta and chicken fan.

5. Love and Honey Fried Chicken

There’s no such thing as too much-fried chicken, and Love and Honey will ensure it’s all you want! Eating here mixes comfort food with fun and gives you a chance to blow off some nervous steam right before the game. Multiple televisions in here ensure you can watch any pregame tv that’s on or even catch a replay of a recent Flyer’s match.

The food, staff, and location are everything you could want from a fried chicken restaurant. You’ll crave this even when a game isn’t about to start! 

Sometimes Rituals Make Everything Better

If the Flyers win right after you eat at one of these, you might want to eat there again and again, to ensure they keep winning. Make sure to pick a great restaurant so you can taste some success!

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