What’s the difference between a dissertation and a thesis?

by Vinay Kumar

Sometimes, it seems that the terms thesis and dissertation are interchangeable. Many people will want to know how your thesis is progressing when you tell them that you are writing a dissertation and vice versa. To make things even more complicated, some departments or institutions may use different terms! Hire best dissertation writers for hire online to get a feedback about writing a dissertation for you.

What are we really talking about when we say thesis or dissertation? What does the term you use actually mean?

The root of the words

The Latin word “dissertare” (meaning to continue to discuss) and the Latin word “disserere” (meaning to examine and discuss) are the roots of the word dissertation.

Original meaning of thesis was Latin for “place a proposition”, which is derived from the Greek term “tithenai” which means to put.

It all depends on where you live.

Many of you already know that there are many differences between American English and British English. Different countries around the globe use the terms dissertation and thesis in different ways. The term dissertation is used to describe the work that was completed in a bachelor’s or masters degree. The word thesis refers to the work that was done during a PhD. The words are often used in reverse when institutions and countries are based on American education systems. The words can be used in different ways by different institutions or departments at the same university. If in doubt, stick to the wording used by the department or university you are currently attending.

The type of academic work that you do will determine the usage.

In the UK, a thesis is a work that’s original and based on your research. When you write a dissertation you will be reviewing the vast amount of research you have done in a particular area and demonstrating your knowledge of what you have learned. In the US, it is the opposite.

It all depends on what subject you are studying.

The terms in the UK are generally used equally by all institutions and subjects. The terms can be used differently in the US, however. Although the term thesis may have the same meaning in the UK, it can be the result of original research or ideas at masters level in the US. You can complete a thesis at the masters level in the US in another subject that requires extensive reading and understanding, but it will still be called a thesis.Check best dissertation writing services uk to contact experts in case you have some doubts in writing a dissertation.

It really is all about your university or department

Georgetown University, the US, refers to a thesis and a dissertation as adding to your “field of knowledge”. University of Edinburgh suggests that you consult your course handbook to learn more about dissertations. Each department will have its own guidelines regarding the use of the words dissertation and thesis. University College London refers to a thesis as the final piece of work after an EngD or MPhil (Research), or PhD.

Let’s conclude…

It doesn’t matter what word you use, as long as they both refer to serious and complex work that you can demonstrate your knowledge and research. You can avoid confusion by referring to the work you are creating in the same manner as your department. A thesis or dissertation requires considerable planning and work. You don’t want your work to be rushed or poorly presented.

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