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Brexit has changed the way things work in almost every sector. Now the companies who are willing to hire international employees and bring innovation in their enterprise to satisfy customers have opted for a UK Sponsor License. By gaining this license, people from non- European Union can join their companies.  With the help of a qualified lawyer, such companies can build up a presentable application for their Sponsor License that has maximum chances of acceptance. But even when companies get their license, they still have to deal with immigration and visas. After the grant of a license, the companies and employees must work while complying with the duties this license imposes. You may lose the license in case you violate any regulations attached to it. If your license is revoked, it is a very serious issue because not on your international employees would not be able to work in your company but your national workers would also lose their job. It is very important to avoid this situation, this article addresses all the tips you can try to maintain your license and continue hiring international employees. Seek guidance from expert lawyers to submit information regarding immigration laws and leave to remain visa for skilled workers.

Keep in touch with your immigration lawyer and take part in mock audits

The best way to avoid any unfortunate situation is to keep a qualified lawyer by your side to assist you. Once you invest in a good lawyer, he will ensure your compliance with the Sponsor License. Immigration lawyers will inform you about the changes time by time and review your company working by time.

Immigration laws change from time to time and it is difficult to keep in check the varying laws. Companies are too busy in their business that before they notice it, they violate any regulation of Sponsor License. Immigration lawyers can keep you updated and you can be carefree meanwhile.

UKVI Compliance officers are authorized to visit your enterprise and inspect the license holders’ company and employees. You must update your recording and reporting duties and all Sponsor License Management (SMS) regularly so that nothing raises a suspicion. Keep your Human Resources department in order so that employee data is accessible in no time and the information of international workers is ready to be presented.

Keep a record of the recording and reporting duties you need to comply with

The sponsor license comes with a lot of recording and reporting duties to be complied with which are mentioned in the Sponsor License guidance.

Below is the list of things that you must have updated, orderly, and ready to present when the UKVI officers request for it:

  • Complete data of all the Skilled Worker Visa employees. This record should include their contact numbers, email addresses, and physical. Their past country information and contact information from their migrant country should also be present.
  • All the supporting documents, certificates, references, and any evidence that serves as proof of the eligibility of the migrant employees.
  • A complete copy of the employee’s passport including the front page containing personal information and the back pages showing visa information and visited countries information. The stamps for entry clearance and leave should be copied and kept.
  • National Insurance (NI) number of workers should also be copied he is not qualified to have one.


The Sponsor License Management reports information back to UKVI. After the request of the officers, the following data must be compiled and sent in 10 working days:

  • The skilled worker was unable to attend his first workday and mentioned the reason he provided for example, illness or missed flight.
  • Without any leave or informing, the workers haven’t shown up for work for 10 days.
  • Any change in position or status of the employee, such as increment in salary than the one mentioned in the Sponsorship Certificate, or promotion of the worker.

·         Changes to the company or business, such as it suffered insolvency, entered into a merger. This information must be given to UKVI in 20 working days.

Comply with other UK laws as well

Just because you have been granted a Sponsor License, does not mean that you only have to comply with immigration laws. For example, you should pay minimum salary to your employees and cover their health and safety insurance and the business should be legal in all aspects.

In short

Getting a Sponsor License comes with great responsibility, you should be extra vigilant to retain your license. Hire a reputable immigration lawyer to help ease your way. Get in touch with expert lawyers at  to get more information regarding UK immigration laws.

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