Top Reasons Why You Face Obstacles In Watching Walking Dead Film

by Aaron Finch

There are a number of obstacles that one might face when watching Walking dead pubfilm. Some reasons why people might not be able to watch the Walking Dead film include: zombie apocalypse, flesh-eating disease, and lack of internet connection.


If you’re struggling with any of these barriers, we have some tips for overcoming them. For example, if you have a flesh-eating disease (or know someone who does), then it’s important that you avoid coming into contact with zombies at all costs. If this is impossible due to your infection or location in the event of Armageddon, then try using an alternative cure like antibiotics or whatnot.


The next obstacle in this list is a lack of internet connection. The Walking Dead film has been and will continue to be distributed on a number of platforms such as HBO, Netflix, and DStv. If you don’t have a cable subscription or enough money for an internet connection, then it’s best to wait until AMC releases the film at a later date.


The third obstacle on the list is technology. Although these are seen as obstacles, they are also seen as opportunities to watch the Walking Dead television series. The same goes for lack of access to a TV or internet connection. You can use this opportunity to watch the Walking Dead series at later dates as it airs on AMC.


The next obstacle is the zombie apocalypse. If you don’t want to see this happen, then try staying away from those in the know. This is important because if everyone knows about zombies (like in The Walking Dead), then the whole world would be eating everyone else out of their own self-interests (i.e. capitalism). Many people ignore this issue because they don’t understand it, but that doesn’t make it any less problematic.


Top Reasons Why You Face Obstacles In Watching Walking Dead Film :

1. Zombies are Hungry


The Walking Dead film’s zombies are hungry for human flesh. If you know that there are zombies in the film, then you’ll probably avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand the dangers of zombies and their human counterparts. This is unfortunate because we could all be eating each other if it weren’t for their constant hunger.

2. Zombies Haunt You in Your Dreams


Some viewers get nightmares about zombies attacking them at night. This is because the show has been so popular that the majority of people are obsessed with it (as long as they don’t have a real-life zombie problem). This is a problem because people could potentially get attacked by those who aren’t obsessed with the film.

3. Zombies are Undead


Zombies aren’t alive and are therefore different from you and I. This makes them undesirable in some people’s eyes, but it also shows that it’s not wise to hang around them for too long. If you’re going to hang around with zombies, then make sure they don’t eat you alive at some point in time (or even worse, turn into one of them).

4. Zombies Have Fangs


Zombies have prominent fangs protruding out of their mouths. They are usually depicted as being disfigured and disobedient. These characteristics show that zombies aren’t trustworthy and honest, which shows that they are going to attempt to devour you for your flesh for some reason or other.

5. Zombies Are Scary


The Walking Dead film is extremely scary even though it isn’t a horror film and features only a few original characters (with the exception of one). This is probably because we are all afraid of those who aren’t like us and can do anything they want without consequence. Those who watch The Walking Dead film know what happens in the future if we don’t change our ways, which makes them even scarier than before.

6. Zombies Are Diseased


If you watch The Walking Dead film and are worried about getting infected with flesh-eating disease, then it’s important that you don’t come into contact with zombies at all costs (like accidentally running into one or trying to use a cure). It’s also important that you avoid touching their corpses as much as possible because there is a possibility of other infectious agents.

7. The Walking Dead Is Scary


In some countries, the word ‘walking’ is actually defined as the act of moving while being scared out of your wits. Therefore, the walking dead are actually terrifying because they are often seen in their human state instead of their undead state. Most people find zombies scary because they’re so unpredictable and strange in comparison to the rest of us. Plus, they’re just not very likable in general, whereas the cast characters in The Walking Dead film are more appealing.


If you still can’t watch the Walking Dead movie without these obstacles, then we would like to recommend to you an alternative way of watching it (the other way being HBO On Demand or some other TV channel). Your local library might have an old VHS copy or DVD of the show (or both) that you can borrow for free.

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