These Local Practices In Valdez Y Monarrez Are So Bizarre That They Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

by Aaron Finch

For some, success equals fame and fortune. For others, it’s all about living a life of quiet anonymity, dwelling in anonymity and basking in the spoils of just being an anonymous person. Valdez Y Monarrez is chock-full of people who like their privacy and take great pains to ensure that they are not the center of any unwanted attention.


Nevertheless, it’s still hard to imagine that this town, which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the bustling metropolis of San Myshuno, is crawling with people who live such bizarre lives. Truth be told, it’s kind of scary when you think about it. Well, it’s not so much scary as weird… .but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start the story off with some picturesque shots of Valdez Y Monarrez before we get into why this place is so bizarre.


So for all those people who find meaning in their own private life – no more you: these are the weirdest local practices that exist right here on planet Earth! So if you’re looking to get lost in a world where no one knows your name then look no further – here are the strangest places you can go without ever getting out of your chair.


These Local Practices In Valdez Y Monarrez Are So Bizarre That They Will Make Your Jaw Drop :

1. The Three Masked Men:


Valdez Y Monarrez is home to a very peculiar community called the Three Masked Men. These mysterious men dress up in elaborate costumes and roam around their area stealing stuff (usually money, but sometimes other valuables). No one really knows why they do it. The locals just call them “the masked men” and leave it at that. Some say they’re police officers, while others claim they’re simply robbers; but no one knows who they are and why they wear those masks.

2. The Blind Man in the Alley:


The blind man in the alley is famous for causing a lot of havoc in this area. He has been known to mug people, steal their valuables and even touch other people without their consent. 


He has also been known to physically assault people and steal from them without them realizing it until a hell-load of money is stolen from them at once. The most baffling fact about this guy isn’t that he steals but that his victims wait outside of his house day after day waiting for him to come out so they can give him the money they owe him. This is a very bizarre practice.

3. The Driver That Sits in the Car and Stares:


When you see a car that is just sitting there, do you think the driver is asleep? Well, if you’re from the area, then it’s not the case at all. The car sits there day after day with its motor running, and no one ever moves it. The driver doesn’t even open the door either; he just stares at it for hours on end like he’s waiting for someone to come out of that house, or pick up something from inside his car – anything. This is a pretty bizarre practice.

4. The Man Who Never Goes Out:


Everyone in Valdez Y Monarrez knows of the man who never goes out. He has been living inside his house for years now and no one has ever seen him outside of his house. It’s kind of a peculiar sight to see because you might be casually walking along a street in Valdez Y Monarrez and see this man living his life while staring at every single person walking along the street. The scariest part is that he doesn’t just stare; he will follow you if you walk too far away from him and once you stop, he will keep following you with his eyes until you continue moving along your route again. This is one creepy activity!


5. The Knot Woman:


If you are in Valdez Y Monarrez and you want to know what the scariest thing to look at is, then just look up! It’s not the fact that there’s a woman walking around on flat feet; it’s what she’s wearing. The woman with the knit hat looks like something out of a history book and her head is covered with so many knitted hats that it looks like she has a little sweater on. The strangest part about this woman is that she does not wear make up nor does she paint her face or add any kind of accessories to her head. This is kind of a bizarre local practice.

6. The Escaped Lunatic:


It’s not uncommon to feel uneasy when you’re walking home late at night, but what about when you are walking and you see a halfway decomposed corpse lying on the sidewalk? Well, then that’s not a feeling of unease anymore; that’s just plain freaking out! And it happens here in rural Valdez Y Monarrez. People do escape from the asylum sometimes, and if they don’t get caught by the police or someone else, they end up roaming around Valdez Y Monarrez looking for food and money. This is one strange local practice!


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