The Most Entertaining Movie Influencers You Need to Follow

by Aaron Finch

Have you ever been told to get off your phone and go outside. But what’s the point of going outside when there’s nothing to see?

 If you feel like the world is becoming a wasteland of rain if we’ve lost our ability to use imagination then we might have some movies for you. 

These movies may not be the best, but they will make you laugh and help shape your opinions on everything from politics and relationships to life and death (and everything in between).

 So stop reading this introductory paragraph, scroll up, pick a movie influencer from our choices below, click on their profile, read their bio, find out who they are following or who follows them back. Then go follow them. Find all the people you want to follow, and watch great movies.

We all have our own ideas of what makes a good movie. We are influenced by our favorite movies and they are in turn influenced by theirs. 

The process works both ways, so as you scroll through these influencers’ profiles you will find the same thing we did: people who love movies and their favorite themes, genres, and directors. These people truly have a passion for movies and they don’t just immerse themselves in them when they get home; they surround themselves with things that make their lives happier or more entertaining. 

We’ve found here  these movie influencers by browsing through their profiles on Giphy , Instagram , Twitter and YouTube .

Some of the most Entertaining Movie Influencers You Need to Follow :

1. TheMovieMogul

We’ve mentioned TheMovieMogul before in Funniest Online Video Influencer , but it’s worth mentioning again because he’s hilarious. You can find him on Twitter, YouTube, or check out his podcast . 

We’re not convinced that he needs an introduction. He has uploaded a video explaining what makes a movie entertaining with movie quotes and visuals – it’s amazing!

2. James Aloisi (the ultimate rising star)  –

 A really engaging guy with a lot of fans and followers who are always happy to talk about movies (sometimes the same ones). 

His Twitter account is full of positive vibes and the way he finds the right movies to recommend is truly inspiring. He has a great knowledge of movies, directors and actors. He’s on Twitter and Instagram .

3. TheRealMckaylaMaroney  –

She’s just 5 feet 2 inches tall but is known as the most expressive person online. 

Her short bio states that her goal is to “make you laugh then think”, which is an interesting way to describe what she does – recommend funny movies on Giphy with one or two sentences for each of them, but also give you a review of the movie that will make you think at the end. 

It’s a bit like having your own personal movie critic. We love that she talks about 12 Angry Men and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . You can find her on Twitter .

4. StrangeloveMovies  ( @strangelovemovies )

A very popular account with over 19,000 followers – a great start to getting recommendations for anything you like. 

They’ve got a broad taste in movies and are always on the lookout for new things to enjoy. We love their enthusiasm when they recommend movies/TV shows/music memes en masse – they get you excited too. 

It’s like watching a movie with friends, except your friends are thousands of other people around the world who share your passion for a good movie (and even the bad ones). Follow them on Instagram .

5. UpVoteDoodles  –

We’re not sure what kind of doodles they do, but we’d like to see some of their work! They’ve really got a great taste and get you excited about movies as well. 

They’ve got over 6,800 followers on Twitter and over 3,600 followers on Instagram , which is impressive for a non-celebrity account.

 Follow them both! You should follow them anyway if you’re into movie recommendations (and also if you just like doodling).

6. TheMovieBob  –

We’ve mentioned TheMovieBob before in the 30 Under 30 Influencers , but he’s got a great sense of humor and a really wide taste in movies. He has over 1.1 million Twitter followers, which is insane! Follow him on Twitter .

7. TheMediaJunkies  –

A great account to follow for some funny movie recommendations, especially during the summer months when it’s too hot to watch anything but comedies and action movies (which just wouldn’t be as much fun if we didn’t have our favorite influencer – Dr. Moviebob – to tell you about them). Follow them on Twitter and Instagram .

8. Unrealitymag  –

A great place to find the best movies, TV shows, music and memes (if you like that sort of thing). They have a mobile app with an easy-to-use interface. Follow them on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram .

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