The 9 Best Things About Bathroom Renovation

by Aaron Finch

Bathroom renovation projects can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. To help you avoid the many possible pitfalls of bathroom renovation like bloxburg aesthetic bathroom, we’ve put together this blog post that will teach you how to avoid some of the most common problems that come up during these renovations with nine helpful tips.

1. Know the Layout of the Space

The old saying goes that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” You’ve heard it before, but it’s especially true when it comes to bathroom renovations. To prevent future problems, you need to know what you’re getting into before you start. The best way to do this is by measuring your bathroom and drawing a layout diagram.

Moving around partitions, toilets, sinks and tubs can be difficult and sounds easy, but if you don’t measure out your bathroom carefully on paper first, there’s a good chance that things won’t end up looking right once they are finally set up in their new places. Toilets are much heavier than you might think, so if you think that you’re going to be able to move it by yourself, think again. Instead, use your diagram as an outline on how to move the items around and get some help moving them into place.

2. Know What You Want Before You Start

Too many bathroom renovations start with a rough sketch of what the finished product should look like and end up costing way more than anticipated. That’s why knowing what you want before you start is so important. If you’ve already drawn the layout of your bathroom, take out your Blueprint Book and sketch out what you want the finished product to look like. If you’re in the middle of working on your bathroom renovation, get some colored pencils or Sharpie pens and draw it on paper so that you can see where everything is going when it’s finished. Be sure to include things like towel racks, mirrors and cup holders too.

3. Know What You’re Doing

Once you’ve sketched out what you want, know what kind of fixtures to use for your bathroom renovation. If you’re using a store-bought shower curtain, know that they often stick to the bottom of the shower door. To rectify this, you need to use floor tiles on the bottom of your shower so that they don’t stick. Also, if you are installing a new toilet or sink, be sure that you’re buying one that matches your current fixtures.

4. Know What Materials You Have

Materials have played a big role in many bathroom renovations and can often be tricky to work with and learn how to use effectively. Painted walls can be difficult to wash and tend to get scratched or stained easily. For this reason, it might be best to stay away from them. Instead, you might consider using tile for your bathroom floor. The walls and the ceiling can be painted any color that is appropriate for the ambiance of your bathroom, but accent tiles are usually made of marble or stone so that they look good no matter what color paint you choose.

5. Know Your Tools

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning up small spills, but if you aren’t careful, they can sometimes tear or burst when they’re being used to clean up larger messes. To avoid this, you need to be sure that whatever tool you’re using isn’t too flimsy or will break when you try to clean up a large mess. Microfiber cloths are best used on small areas and those with a rough texture so that they don’t tear.

6. Know Your Tools

Most people think of power tools when they think about bathroom renovations, but there’s more to it than just power drills and saws. Many times, water pressure hoses are used in the process of plumbing major renovations to help push water through pipes that can be clogged with debris and dirt. To help you keep your bathroom renovation running smoothly, make sure that you have a few power tools, but also make sure that you have the proper materials and accessories to work with large plastic water pressure hoses.

7. Know What You Need to Do Beforehand

Before starting any bathroom renovation project, be sure to double check your local plumbing codes and building permits first. In most areas, it’s illegal for anyone other than a licensed plumber or professional contractor to do plumbing work in your home without the necessary permits and licenses. Also, you don’t want to call the upholstery cleaner to get your shower curtains cleaned before you’ve gotten your shower curtain rod bolts in place.

8. Know What’s Going On Around You

If you have neighbors, be sure that you let them know what kind of work is being done in your bathroom before you start. If you have a lot of plumbing work being done, for example, it’s going to sound like loud hammering and banging for several weeks. That can be annoying if it happens directly next door. So if this is the case, make sure that you let them know so that they aren’t startled or disturbed by any noise coming from your home as your bathroom renovation goes on.

9. Know What to Beware of

With all of these things in mind, you’ll be able to start and finish your bathroom renovation without a hitch. However, there are also some problems that come up during bathroom renovations that you might not be prepared for or aware of. Bathroom renovations are much more complex than they seem and it’s easy to miss small details that can turn into large problems down the line.


If you keep in mind the main things that you need to know for a successful bathroom renovation, you’ll be able to complete your bathroom renovation without a hitch. It may seem overwhelming at first, but remember that the most important piece of information is knowing what your finished product is going to look like before you start. It’s a lot easier to work from that than it is to work from an empty floor with some materials and tools strewn around. Happy renovations!

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