Seven Things Nobody Told You About Hotel Del Ice Skating

by Aaron Finch

The hotel was built in 1914 and has been open to the public for 111 years. It first opened as a dorm for soldiers returning from World War I. Now, it is home to a world-class ice skating rink, with more than 200,000 square feet of surface area and enough seating for 650 people. But you don’t have to be an Olympic hopeful to skate on the hotel’s famous ice! The rink offers skate rentals and lessons every day of the week, as well as group and private skating time slots on some evenings. Hotel del ice skating coupon code is also available, so you can save money on lessons and ice time.


The hotel features a remarkable lobby that blends historic fixtures with modern conveniences. You’ll be greeted by a floor-to-ceiling, majestic fireplace in the main lobby, which served as a reminder that you were safe and warm during the long winter months. The grand staircase, a focal point of the hotel, features marble steps and railings. Overhead lights reflect through the wide windows to bring in natural light during bright days. But if you find it too bright to see outside at night, don’t worry! The staircase is also home to many chandeliers for your viewing pleasure.


Seven Things Nobody Told You About Hotel Del Ice Skating :

1. The hotel’s skating rink is not its main attraction.


You might think that an ice skating rink is the highlight of this historic hotel, but it’s actually the hotel’s spa that features many of its interior design elements, including the lobby and grand staircase. It wasn’t until 1967 that a full-time ice rink was installed in order to keep up with skaters’ needs (the major competitor at the time had closed down within a few years). Today, the ice rink serves as a source of entertainment for many guests as well as a place to learn how to skate; you could even learn from one of our professional instructors!


2. The hotel is a pet-friendly destination.


At the Hotel Del, you can bring your dog with you on your visit. Although dogs aren’t allowed in the skating rink or in the spa, they are welcome in most other areas of the hotel. Don’t worry about bringing extra bedding or food; the hotel has a number of rooms that are still available to guests with pets. However, if you want to bring your cat along, you’ll have to make other arrangements as cats are not allowed anywhere at Hotel del Ice Skating.

3. The hotel was once owned by a well-known 19th century Chicagoan.


Belle Moskowitz, known for her work as the developer of the Michigan Avenue Hotel, was one of Hotel del Ice Skating’s original owners. The building that it currently occupies was constructed in 1914 and then known as the May Co. Building; Belle purchased the hotel from this company in 1917. She added modern furnishings and decorative touches to the building before her death in 1927, so you’ll see many elements of this historic period; her name is still displayed on some of those decorations!

4. The hotel has been open to guests since 1914.


The hotel has been open to guests since 1914, although it wasn’t its original purpose. The building was constructed in 1914 for the U.S. Military and served as a dormitory for soldiers coming home from World War I. It wasn’t until 1967 that a full-time ice rink was installed to keep up with skaters’ needs; by then, the competition that had once existed at the Michigan Avenue’s Hotel del, had closed down.

5. The hotel has a large gift shop.


There is nothing more convenient than having access to a gift shop while you’re on-the-go! Hotel del Ice Skating’s gift shop is open during normal business hours and features everything that you need to keep you and your family, friends, or clients well-equipped for any adventure. You’ll find souvenirs and clothing items as well as household goods like soap sets and other necessities.

6. The hotel has a restaurant on the main floor.


The second floor at Hotel del Ice Skating is home to a restaurant, which offers both indoor and al fresco dining options from 10 am until 10 pm daily. The restaurant offers a wide selection of continental breakfasts, sandwiches, and appetizers. You’ll find a variety of items to choose from, including breakfast specials and entrees served daily. The restaurant also features a lunch buffet that is included with your room reservation as part of our room service package.

7. The hotel is home to many historic details.


The hotel is home to many historic details that can be found throughout the building. The lobby’s grand staircase, which is the centerpiece of the hotel, is decorated with four chandeliers, each featuring hundreds of tiny light bulbs. You’ll also notice many historic details in the hotel’s rooms and suites, such as archways and original woodwork or tile designs, as well as decorative items such as period furniture and lighting fixtures.

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