Seven Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying Dva Infinity

by Aaron Finch

A lot of people have been interested in watching the Marvel movies, so investing in a brief history of the universe and its famous characters is always a great idea. If you’re more interested in action than character development, then jumping into “Dva infinity” might be right for you. This game lets you fight along with Dva as she traverses different worlds to recover lost memories and return control over to Sombra. Dva is a really fun character who doesn’t get too much press but due to her signature purple hair, fan-base has grown considerably since the release of this game. Dva infinity is a quick-hitting action adventure where you’ll be thrust into the body of this formidable character and you’ll need to work through a series of mini-games.


Let me just start off by saying that this game is short, sweet and simple. It’s not a deep game by any means and it’s not meant to be. It’s more of an arcade shooter that teaches you how certain weapons work and what it takes to become a better player. Without going into much detail, the game plays like an alternate reality version of “Contra”. Your objective is to travel across ten different worlds all while avoiding traps, enemies, spikes and all sorts of obstacles.


Seven Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying Dva Infinity :

1.  Ball Control Is Important – 


When you’re playing this game, you’ll quickly realize that the controls are quite simple. You can move and attack with the left analog stick while firing with the right. These basic controls allow you to have a lot of control over your character’s movement. The controls aren’t perfect, but they’re very effective in keeping your character alive long enough to get past these tricky parts of each level.

2. Weapons Are Important – 


As you progress through the game and unlock more weapons, you’ll quickly notice that your default weapon is pretty useless. You’ll find yourself dying time and time again as you try to get through the Hydra levels. For example, the photon orb is a great weapon to use when you’re up close. The slide attack deals a ton of damage, but leaves you exposed after each shot because of the animation.

3. It’s Not That Easy –


While it is pretty easy to blast your way through each level with a few simple weapons and attacks, this game will push you in ways that you don’t expect. Since the only way to unlock new weapons is to earn enough money, you have to play through each level a number of times in order to get enough bucks.

4. Hitting The Bonus Targets –


After each level, you’ll be shown a screen where you can access each weapon for free. These weapons are great for defeating the boss at the end of each level and earning more money to unlock more weapons. In order to hit these targets quickly, though, you’re going to need a little bit of strategy.

5. Stay Alive –


This game isn’t that difficult, but it’s still important that you stay alive while traveling through this crazy world. In order to do that, you’ll need to avoid getting hit by projectiles or falling into these dangerous pits.

6. Dva Is A Great Character – 


Dva is fast, she’s powerful and she’s easy to become attached to. I immediately fell in love with this character because of how fun she was to watch while running through different levels and defeating the bosses. She may seem like an ordinary female character, but her personality shines through and gives her a lot of personality throughout each level.

7. You Have To Be Well-Rounded –


If you want to be a successful player in “Dva Infinity”, then you’re going to need more than just a good primary weapon that can help you defeat each level’s boss. You’ll also need a solid backup weapon that will allow you to travel through these tricky parts of each level without too much difficulty. If you’re a gamer who likes to explore new universes, then this is a great game for you. It’s not as deep as most games, but it’s still very entertaining and will give you all sorts of cool ideas for more games. If you’re also interested in the different versions of Dva, then there are various outfits that can be unlocked too!


So What Are You Waiting For? –


If you’re a fan of action games, then you should check out “Dva Infinity”. On the other hand, if you’d like to be able to play these games on your computer, then Chromebook is the best way to go. You can also find this game on your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All in all, I think the game was well represented and was very fun. If you have children that are interested in video games, then this would certainly be one of the safer video games for them to play during their free time. You can learn more about Dva Infinity by visiting their website or by checking them out on social media.

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