Rustic Beige Straight Modular Kitchen with Island

by Aaron Finch
modular kitchen

Rustic beige is the perfect color of warmth and home style. If you want to have a beautiful kitchen with this shade, which will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a forest when looking up at the granite countertop, then this is the design for you!

 The beige cabinets beautifully contrast with the dark brown hardwood flooring and high-end stainless steel appliances. The island is perfect for food preparation and cooking. Also the light brown quartz countertop is the perfect compliment to this kitchen design. This eclectic design makes a great statement in any

This kitchen has some of the best design and function that one could ask for. The cabinets are a blend of the two cabinetry styles, with beige laminate on the doors and fronts and solid wood on the sides. The pleasing combination of light and dark compliments both the appliances and the floors. 

The island provides a comfortable workspace for cooking, coffee preparation, or any other activity that needs a bit more room. Setting up this kitchen was super easy as every piece of it is modular! This makes it very simple to customize your dream kitchen to fit your personal style!

The flooring is an inlay wall-to-wall hardwood. The color is a dark brown with subtle variations in the grain. The wood is tempered, making it stronger and more durable. It’s accented by the wood and white ceramic tile around the fireplace, making a great contrast.

The backsplash is made from granite with white glass tiles framing it on both sides. This makes for an interesting texture combination of smooth, cool granite and warm and inviting glass tiles that beautifully accentuates any hardwood flooring or wall tile for your kitchen.

 If you are looking for a kitchen that has both function and design then this one would be a good choice because it comes with all of the basic necessities such as a stove, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave etc.

Design Inspiration:

When you are going to decorate the kitchen you should remember that it’s the heart of your home. It represents your family, gatherings, and memories. So you shouldn’t think too much on how to decorate your kitchen but rather take something that is already done or maybe see some inspiration from something you love and adapt it to your new space. 

You should also make sure that whatever you choose represents the colors in your home! I would definitely go with a rustic beige color because that is what has become a popular color for many people here in Toronto and it can definitely match with any other styles of home décor.


The location of the kitchen is great! It’s easy to access and has a lot of natural light. It also provides lots of space for your family or guests to gather around when the mood strikes them. This particular kitchen is in a very spacious modern home. 

The home is definitely a well-thought out design and it’s no wonder that a lot of people want to buy it. This particular kitchen has been popular for years already and I believe that won’t change over time because the overall design is so pleasing with its natural materials and neutral tone.

The lamp in this kitchen is going to make you think of the warmth of the woods. 

The design features a dark brown stone with black gems embedded along the top and hanging from the bottom. The light brown granite countertop that sits on top frames the lamp nicely along with appearing seamless from just about any angle you look at it.

The refrigerator is another focal point in this kitchen. It stands out with its sharp corners and sleek stainless steel design. Black and metallic silver seems to be definitely a popular color combination for any appliances, especially refrigerators.

This particular kitchen design has been very popular for years and it’s no wonder that so many people love it! It makes such a great statement in any home and will definitely become one of the main focal points when you or your family gather in the kitchen with your friends over dinner. The overall design is very pleasing to the eye making it easy to admire from any angle that you look at it from.

This kitchen is extremely popular for its rustic and cozy vibe. The rustic beige color matches wonderfully with the dark brown hardwood flooring and high-end black stainless steel appliances. This kitchen brings a modern twist to rustic style! Unlike most kitchens it does not have a lot of overhead cabinet space so it makes use of the front walls by hanging pots, pans and other kitchenware from them. 

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