OgyMogy Employee Monitor: A Mandatory Addition To Your Workplace

by Aleena

It’s almost the end of 2020. The world got hit by a severe pandemic and we are still in the phase of the war as some parts are already going through the second wave and others are getting ready for that. Mankind faced a high death rate and many others who survived are still battling with the aftershocks. The economy hit the ground and the corporate sector is still struggling to cope up with the losses. Among many things, one of the major truth that has been revealed is that life is so unpredictable and short. There is no guarantee of anything so be in the present, keep your faith in God and let the matters go with the flow. But you must be prepared to tackle anything. For example, the working or business was affected by the sudden closure of the economy but now the organization is already taking precautionary measures and following SOP’z to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

One of the effective measures that are now mandatory for any organization or working sector is the addition of a  spy app or monitoring software to their monitoring system. A spy app can be a helping agent in your monitoring system as it will guide to catch the loose holes in your system and will help the work quality and progress speed of the employees. The addition of modernized and advanced tools like a spy app can be much more efficient as compared to using the old custom ways of keeping an eye on the employee’s work progress etc. So a monitoring software is now a much-needed tool for any working sector. We are going to talk about one of the spy apps that can be your business partner and help you in keeping an eye on the employees. The name of the employee monitoring app is the OgyMogy.

Screen Recording:

OgyMogy offers a unique feature that allows the employer to watch the screen of the target employee at any given time. So an employer can make surprise visits to know about the progress rate of any employee with the screen recording feature of OgyMogy. It let the user watch the screen in real-time and also save the screen activities by recording short videos and capturing the snapshots with timestamp information.


Secrecy and loyalty are the key factors in any kind of work area. So no organization can tolerate any kind of shortcuts or evil plans that can damage the organization in any way. OgyMogy lets the user know about any foul play by offering a keylogging feature. This feature records the keystrokes applied to the target person device. Thus the user has remote access to all the account information along with their passwords etc. So keep an eye on any suspected employee by monitoring their email correspondence, inbox, sent items, draft folder details with attachment history. Thus use the keylogging feature of the OgyMogy and make sure no employee shares any kind of confidential information or data in any form with the outsider.

Web Monitoring:

Internet is one of the most needed commodity nowadays. But it can be a source of diversion as well. So OgyMogy helps the employer to keep an eye on the web search history of the employees so that they do not get dragged in useless browsing and do not waste time and resources. OgyMogy offers a track internet history feature that allows the user to know about all the visited sites of the target employee. Users can even block certain sites by using the web-filtering feature of OgyMogy. The user has remote access to the bookmarked folder of the target person as well. 

OgyMogy spy app offers Mac and Windows spy app version for employee monitoring. It offers a separate android spy app version for smartphone monitoring as well. So keep an eye on the official matters of your employees with an android spy version of the OgyMogy. Another major plus point of this app is that it offers the features in the form of a bundle or package. Thus the user can select the package of their choice that contains the majority of their desired features. So try it for once and am sure you will be amazed by this advanced technology. 

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