Make Your Home Attractive with Amazing Wall Painting Ideas

by Aryan Dev

Painting the walls of our home is an interesting way to add style to it and create an ambience that is just so perfect. Painting not only lifts the mood but also adds cheerfulness to the entire homely atmosphere. As much as it is fun to play with colours that can change the whole outlook, it can also turn out to be a mess if the colours are not picked up carefully. Are you not sure which colours to choose? Do you know which colour combinations blend well with each other? The easy solution to drive away all the confusion is to check out the Asian paints colour combination with code. Noting down the colour code will help you pick up the exact colour that you have decided upon. 

Showcase Your Creativity

An artist seeks opportunity in everything to display his talent. In the same way, if you have creativity hiding inside of you, it is the correct time to display your creativity on the wall of your home. Plain white walls are just like a canvas ready to be painted with different colours to bring out the best design you can and in turn transform the appearance of your living area. Your creativity can fill your boring walls with beautiful simple wall paintings to achieve a modern and chic look. 

Clever Ideas with Pockets of Colour

Without the presence of different colours, the whole world would look dull and uninteresting. Just as the different colours in nature make the world a happy place for us, you can use these wonderful colours to make your home a beautiful place to reside. The following are some of the ways to use your favourite shades on your walls to display the artistic side of you along with adding to the visual appeal of the room –  

Colour Blocking – Colour blocking is the way to break open a large area and create small zones to mark the difference of each area. It enables you to get a geometric effect on your walls giving a stylish appeal.

Apply Paint on the Two-third Wall – Splitting the wall into two-thirds and applying a coat of paint of different tones to each part gives a contemporary appeal to the room. Using a darker shade in the bottom part and a lighter tone to the upper part of the wall will create an illusion of increasing the ceiling height and making it look larger.

Paint the Ceiling – Painting the ceiling with bold colours can create an accent wall effect on the ceiling adding to the beauty of the room. For a more dramatic effect try adding accent colours to the floor and using neutral colours to the walls so that the focus stays on the floors creating a unique look.

Painting the Entryway – Entryway or the doorway is the first thing that draws attention the moment anyone enters the home. Painting the doorway with a hint of sunshine yellow fills the room with energy. It spreads a cheerful vibe.

Using Tape to Create Stripes – You can use tape to create a rainbow stripe with different colours that add a striking effect to the room. 

Implement these ideas to create your personal space giving your home an attractive appearance.

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