Little Known Ways To Make The Most Out Of ICO Promotion

by Ethan More

You probably know that the ICO and blockchain marketing for crowdfunding process is riddled with potential problems. It all starts at the beginning with a few key considerations during the fund launch. This post will outline those considerations and offer helpful tips for ensuring a smooth launch and steady promotion following your ICO. 

ICO Promotion can be tricky, but this guide will help you navigate just about any obstacle that may arise in your project’s search for crowdfunding success!

1. Choose the Right Pre-ICO

This is one of the most important aspects of ICO campaign planning. The two main options for reaching potential investors are either a Pre-ICO or a limited public ICO (or STO). (A Pre-ICO is an early starting point for the crowdfund, before you have a crowd ready to complete financing your project.) The choice between these two options will affect your start date and funding terms, as well as have significant implications on the rollout of your crowdsale. For example, if you only do a Pre-ICO and then launch later, it will be much more difficult to meet all those goals we discussed earlier. Make sure that you think through all these considerations before choosing which option to pursue.

2. Your Target Market

During this early stage, you’re trying to raise funds in order to move forward with your project. This means you can’t just sign up with anyone as a potential investor. You have to carefully select your target audience and then reach out to them by an appropriate method for executing your ICO. In this case, it’s important not just to identify the need for your product or service, but also who is most likely to be interested in supporting it—or buying it!

3. Your Marketing Campaign

Once you have your target market picked out, you need to think about how you’re going to try and hook them and also guest posting sites are here. There are a few different ways that you can go about this:

a. Online Marketing

Some people like to do their marketing online while others want their campaigns to be as hands-off as possible. The pros and cons of each approach will depend on your personal preference. An online marketing campaign allows for those in the crypto space to be well aware of your project, because they already have a way of purchasing digital currencies with which they can interact with each other and with this particular project. They can also easily access information about it by simply typing “ICO” into their search bar.

You can also use online marketing in combination with other forms of promotion to help extend your reach to potential investors.

b. On-the-Ground Marketing

If you have certain characteristics about your project, such as needing local investors or needing the funds more quickly (since you’re using a Pre-ICO), then you may find that it makes more sense for you to do an on-the-ground campaign. This involves holding real-life promotion events and establishing physical connections with real people through networking opportunities. If you find that it’s important for your business to generate interest in your project in a given area, then you should consider targeted events that will focus on bringing locals from the target region into your campaign.

c. Social Media

Social media is a popular way to get the word out about an ICO project, so it’s always best to get on board before other competitors do! These days, posts on Facebook and Twitter can bring up an engagement level with your profile that is close to impossible to replicate without paying for advertisements. If you have a relevant and unique story to tell, then sharing it with potential investors can be one of the most effective ways of reaching out.

4. Your Web Presence

It’s also very important to make sure that you have a website and social media presence. Having an online platform dedicated to your ICO can help establish your credibility as well as give interested investors a way to keep up with any updates. Even if you have a huge following on social media, avoid being too dependent on it! When you first begin promoting your ICO with manual backlinks, take the time to set up a website that offers information about the project and where visitors can go for more details. This will give people another place to go when they hear about your project from others but want more information than what is available on social media alone.

5. Watch for Red Flags

If you aren’t careful about the way you set up your campaign, it might be possible for your project to be labeled as a scam by potential investors. You should always take extra scrutiny of domains registered from unknown or suspicious email addresses and those that come from a host of different locations. If a domain has already been registered once before, then it might indicate that whoever is behind the site has already tied up all the IP addresses in an attempt to confuse visitors. If this occurs and a third party is tracking these IPs, then they can send an alert to websites like ICO and Bitcoin bench that flag your project if they suspect something fishy.

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