How to promote your Nail salon via Email:

by Aryan Dev

‘A Nail Salon’ or ‘Nail Bar’ is also called a ‘Beauty salon’ establishment that offers nail care services like manicures, pedicures, & nail enhancement techniques. Nail salon offers many options for nail care, like- acrylics, silk or fiberglass wraps, French manicures, polish, and pedicures. Some nail salons provide one-stop beauty services for women.

Nail salon promotion through email is one of the most powerful marketing ways a nail salon owner has. If you run a nail salon business, you run a relationship business. Emails get seen and opened by so many people, more than posts on social media.

Whenever you promote your nail salon through email, a sizable audience will see it. Email also offers you much more control of the messages you share. You can include links, pictures, etc which many social platforms don’t allow. 

If you’re running a beauty salon, now’s a good time to start your email campaigns. You should have a salon email list, so you can share your message and promote your nail salon. You can also get creative using links, images, and calls to action options on your own terms making it a great fit for your nail salon advertising.  

Nail salon business promotion with Email Flyers:

One of the effective advertising tools that a Beauty or Nail salon business uses is the ever-popular flyer. For making your beauty salon flyers, you should first design an attractive logo and a professional brand name for your nail salon to capture people’s attention. Use an online graphic design tool to create stunning salon flyers in minutes.

Additionally, you can use this flyer maker by PosterMyWall to help you design unique flyers quickly and easily. The flyer maker is easy to use, even for design novices. Download your result for free and hook up in your email. 

Customize your flyers to add contact details, latest announcements and your price list for services. 

Using Acuity Scheduling Together with Constant Contact Email Marketing:

Acuity software is the best appointment scheduler today, and you can easily find it. It’s free for individuals. On the other hand, Constant Contact is also one of the leading email service providers and they specialize in local businesses (like Nail or Beauty salons).

Your Nail Salon promotion using Email is limitless when you join these two tools together. And best of all, you will reduce your cost here vs. using add-on email marketing features in your Nail salon software.

Acuity is free for individuals. You can log in here to see what it is actually. There is also a paid plan (currently $15/month) for the Email integration to work.

You can use Constant Contact for free to explore Email templates and functions here. It includes a paid plan ($20/month) to run your Nail salon promotion via Email and schedule your appointments.

Use Your Nail Salon Software with its Built-in E-Mail Marketing Support:

If you are happy with the nail salon software you are using today, you can explore it easily if it has built-in support. Built-in e-Mail marketing is a powerful nail salon marketing/promotion way, and a form of direct salon promotion that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. 

( Nail salon promotion ideas via email ):

Here are some Nail salon promotion ideas through Email, that will take your business to the next level-

1. Building Your Nail Salon Email List

Your nail salon email list is worth gold and you should make it a priority to always collect Email addresses and build your salon email list. Make sure to collect email addresses when your clients book their appointment.

This is the most straightforward opportunity to promote your Nail salon business. You just have to collect the email addresses of your clients and that’s how you can easily use those Emails in your nail salon’s promotion. Each client, who books online with you will be transferred to your nail salon email list.

2. Keep Your Salon Email Newsletter Design Simple

You can use beautiful banner images in your emails to make them truly branded to your Nail salon. However, this thing is always right as a step to promote your Nail salon business.

3. Use Salon Client Data to attract them when Sending Emails

Some simple and impressive things like- Using your client’s name in the email, make it feel much more personal and effective. To take it one step further you can set up some specific emails that go out on your clients’ birthdays or any other personal event.

To attract your audience, you can also send out different promotions to different people depending on what they have shown interest in the past. This will help improve audience engagement with your emails. You want to send email content that’s tailored to the recipient’s interests. 

Attracting the audience will help you in promoting your Nail salon business easily.

4. Send Appointment Reminder ahead of Appointment

One of the best ways to promote your nail salon through email is to send an email ahead of the appointment for the client to confirm. Your clients will also appreciate this ‘Welcome message’ from the Nail salon ahead of their visit.

Most booking platforms support this today.

5. Send an Email to your clients when it’s Time to Book Again

Your clients have a lot on their plate and they may forget to book their next appointment. You should avoid that your client realizes this too late when you are fully booked as the likely consequence and they go somewhere else. Because this is your risk of losing the client. So, you must send Emails to your clients on a timely basis and give an offer to book again. That’s how you’ll be able to keep in touch with your current clients and this will be helpful in your Nail salon promotion.

With Acuity software, you can set up time-based reminders that go out at a specific time after the latest appointment.

6. Send a Follow-up Email after the Appointment and Ask for Feedback

Staying close to how your client’s appointment experience is crucial to making informed decisions when you are building your Nail salon business for the future.

That’s why collecting your client’s feedback directly with a follow-up Email after their appointment is worth gold to you. And this is an amazing way to promote your Nail salon business.


Nail art is truly a vacation for plain nails today. It’s full of fun, entertainment, and a way to show off the style for fashionable females. Email is obviously an easy and simple way to promote the salon because you can send out the same email to thousands of customers. Today, it has become an essential part of an effective Nail salon marketing plan.

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