Here’s Why Semi-Stitched Salwar Suits are the Best

by Yash
Salwar Suits

A go-to outfit that has been adored and worn by women since centuries, salwar kameez is an attire that once worn, carves a special place in the heart of the adorner. Over the years, the popularity of the exceptional outfit has increased significantly because of the comfort and effortless style it offers. 

Although you can find a readymade salwar suit in a plethora of styles and designs, getting them stitched as per your requirements turns the attire into nothing less than a masterpiece. However, designing the outfit right from scratch is a tedious task, this is where a semi-stitched salwar kameez comes into the picture. Offering you convenience, comfort and fashion, semi-stitched salwar suits offer several benefits that are as follows:

1. A hassle free experience

Just as mentioned above, curating a salwar suit outfit right from the beginning is a very difficult task. It involves planning, selecting the right material and colour, searching for the best patterns, explaining it to the tailor and a lot more. All of the mentioned nuances can be avoided with a semi-stitched salwar kameez. It gives you the partial benefit of a readymade salwar suit and also offers you the flexibility to get creative. It includes pre-made cut elements that save your efforts of explaining abstract concepts to the tailor.

2. You don’t have to worry about size

Size has been one of the major issues especially for plus size women while shopping for readymade salwar suits online and offline. Even if it is available in a particular size, the fitting is sometimes not accurate in such cases. With a semi-stitched salwar suit, you can do away with the worry of sizing, as you can easily stitch the attire that would seamlessly flatter your body type. It also gives you the leverage to play a little with the length of the kameez and sleeves as well.

3. Available in a number of styles

The best part about semi-stitched salwar suits is that it is available in multiple variants. Here are a few trending styles of salwar kameez that are also available in a semi-stiched form:

  • A classic salwar kameez
  • Anarkali salwar suit
  • Patiala suits
  • Indo-western salwar suits

4. Light on your pockets

An unstitched salwar suit can be very expensive as the tailor will change for every cut, design and stitch they make. Also readymade outfits bought from stores or online are usually priced on the higher side. A semi-stitched salwar suit is a more convenient option as it will be less expensive than an unstitched or readymade one as it’s already available in a half-stitched form. You can also style the outfit as per your budget and attain a magnificent outfit.

Made with the best materials and available in several enticing patterns and designs, semi-stitched salwar suits have given a new meaning to convenience. Including the best of everything, semi-stitched is also an efficient option for other ethnic attires such as a lehenga choli and even a kurti for women. With semi-stitched outfits, get hitched to affordability, comfort and fashion.

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