Fast Travel with a Friend in Dying Light

by Aaron Finch

There are many things you should do before playing Dying Light. You should devote some time to setting up your character, but don’t fret if you don’t have the perfect outfit or blade right away – Dying Light is built on giving you agency and making your choices matter. 

You should also spend some time upgrading your skills first, so that extracting revenge becomes easier later on. Lastly, you should learn all the crafting blueprints and level up your skills in every category. There are many skills that are not easy to learn, so you should work on them early on.

Once these preparations have been made, you can hop on a chopper and start exploring what Dying Light has to offer. The map is large and there is a lot of stuff to discover, but not everything worth seeing can be found from the beginning. 

To get the most from your adventure, you’ll have to unlock some areas by progressing through the story, exploring side missions and discovering blueprints – which will allow you to unlock other skills in your talents tree.

1. Chopper Up!

I have to admit, I love that Dying Light lets me fly a helicopter. To get started, you’ll have to reach level 2 (or find a book) and buy the ‘Chopper’ skill in your talent tree. Leveling up the ‘Chopper’ skill takes some time, but once it hits level 3 you can call your chopper at any time for fast travel. Once it’s arranged, your chopper will arrive at the nearest safe zone and you can hop on and off wherever you like.

Tip: Don’t forget to upgrade your chopper! You’ll be able to find duplicate blueprints in the world. If you already have a chopper, make sure to upgrade it before you find the required parts.

2. Upgrade Your Weapons and Armor

The second step is upgrading your weapons and armor to the best they can be. You can buy blueprints in the shops in Harran or from some loot drops, but if you want to take your character to legendary status then use these tips to get the best gear:

a. Weapons

You can upgrade weapons at any time, provided you have the required materials or have unlocked the relevant upgrades by progressing in the story. To upgrade a weapon, you need to locate the proper blueprint and then search for special machines that allow you to upgrade your weapon.

 You’ll find them scattered around Harran and they’re easy to spot once you know what they look like: they’re large containers with a power cable leading into them and an orange button on top. Some are even locked behind walls, so if you spot one but can’t get there yet then just remember where it is for later on. Once you unlock the blueprint, search for one of the machines to upgrade your weapon.

b. Armor

Armor can only be upgraded at a special workshop found in Harran’s Bazaar. To find it, search any safe zone and then walk down the alley that leads to it from the south-east side of town. Inside the workshop you’ll find a blue door, which needs to be opened by hacking a nearby computer. Kill the zombies that spawn in and hack the computer to unlock it. 

Once inside you’ll see a pile of blueprints on top of a machine, click them all to unlock all upgrades for your armor – or just grab one or two if you feel like giving your character an edge.

c. Scavenging for Additional Items

There is one more way to upgrade your weapons and armor: by searching for them in the safes and lockers of the different safe zones. You can see which areas have a chance to spawn weapon/armor items, thanks to some blue beams of light that shine on the ground – these represent loot drops. 

The easiest way to get more goodies is simply to go through all the lockers in a safe zone until you find what you’re looking for.

3. Keep Upgrading Your Skills

Once your weapons and armor are up to speed, you can start working on your skills. You can upgrade any skill at any time that has a green outline around it. To unlock access to the most powerful skills, you’ll have to progress through the story – so be sure to do that as soon as possible . 

This will give you access to all of the basic skills and allow you to unlock new ones. Once a skill is unlocked, it can be upgraded by spending some skill points on it.

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