Everything You Need To Know About Manali

by Aaron Finch

Manali is a small town in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, and it has been the home of people living around the Manali Lake for as long as anyone can remember. What makes this village different from other tourist destinations is that it has retained its pristine beauty, and visitors find themselves overwhelmed by tranquility. Is Manali safe to visit now? Manali is considered as one of the most sacred towns in India. It is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas near the Tibetan plateau. Manali has many popular sightseeing places, like Solang Valley and Vashisht Temple. You can’t miss a chance for a vacation in this town as it offers you amazing experiences to enjoy your vacations.


The temple of Vashisht Devi is a great place that makes your holiday worthwhile. Every devotee visits this temple on the day of Ashwin Krishna Ashtami and takes blessings from Goddess Vashisth Devi.


 It will introduce both general and specific aspects of this destination’s history, culture, economy, and current affairs. I hope these facts will give some insight into why people from all over the world come here to enjoy such a peaceful getaway.


Everything You Need To Know About Manali :

1. Location


The famous town of Manali is located in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The panoramic view from Manali is one of the best in India. The place is known for its clean air, lakes, rivers and autumn trees. It is a major tourist attraction in North India. The natural beauty of Manali has attracted many travelers to this place and once they come here they never leave it.


2. Language


The people living here speak Hindi but there are other languages like Rabari, Pahari, Sadri and Bhatti also heard in the region making it a perfect place for tourists who love to hear different languages while traveling to other destinations.

3. Climate


The climate in Manali is sub-tropical and is pleasant during the months of April to September. Winter season is from October to March and the temperature then drops down to 12-20 °C.

4. Wildlife


India is famous for its stunning wildlife and Manali has some of this unique species including Himalayan Black Squirrel, Spotted Hyena, Great Indian Horned Owl and Snow Leopard also known as Snow Leopard because of its color. The high altitude areas are home to rare species like Snow leopard and Himalayan Black squirrels are found only in these regions, which makes it a perfect destination for wildlife lovers.

5. Transportation


The most popular mode of transportation in Manali is by buses. There are also autos, Taxis and cycle rickshaws available to travel at cheaper rates. The road transport is the primary means of traveling around the region but you can also take a taxi or rent a bike if you want to experience an adventurous trip. The town has three airports, namely Gaggal Airport, Bhuntar Airport and Kullu Airport for you to travel comfortably.

6. Specialty of Manali


Manali is famous for its Lake that attracts many tourists from all over the world. The Vashisht temple situated on the banks of this lake can be visited throughout the year. Another tourist attraction is the Solang Valley that is around 10 km from Manali. The beautiful valley gives you a spectacular view of snow-capped peaks, glaciers, wild streams and trees of this region.

7. Food


You will be welcomed with mouth-watering dishes like Butter Chicken, Dal Batura and Momos on your arrival in Manali. It is famous for its mouth watering food given by its local restaurants and hotels. You will always come across a restaurant to enjoy your favorite dishes in case you miss it in your hotel.

8. Manali to Leh


Manali is well connected to other destinations through road and airways. The nearby places are Chandigarh, Delhi and Shimla. It takes around 30 hours to reach Manali from Delhi, but takes only 10 hours to reach Manali from Chandigarh. From here you can reach Leh by bus or plane, where you can spend your winter season enjoying the snow-capped mountains in this region.

9. Activities in Manali


Manali has a wide range of adventurous activities that you can enjoy with family, friends or with your partner. Many visitors come to this destination every year to enjoy their vacation. Some of the famous activities are River Rafting, Rock Climbing and Paragliding.


There are many adventure companies that you can hire for these activities. You can also visit the Solang Valley located in the north-end of Manali or ski down at Baralacha Pass or visit Rohtang Pass in November or December. You can also go on a hike to Triund Point and enjoy trekking at Rohtang Pass, Viahal and Sankri and also white water rafting on Beas River in Manali.

10. Attractions near Manali


The attraction of Manali is more than just its ancient temples. It also has many places that you can visit to enjoy your day. Some of the places are Banjar and Baljuni Temple which is situated at a height of 2570 meters on the top of Dhauladhar Mountain range, Solang Valley which is an amazing place for your picnic, Vashisht Temple which is one of the oldest temples in this region and attracts many tourists every year and Manu Temple which was built by Pandavas after Mahabharata war. You can also spot wild animals roaming around in this area like Himalayan Black Squirrel, Snow Leopard, Spotted Hyena and Great Indian Horned Owl here.


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