by Radhe Gupta

In some parts of the world, like Russia, the winters can be frigid, and it is essential to keep the family warm. Over the years, death cases have been reported during winter as people do not dress warm enough, making it necessary to know the best warm clothing for the winter. Below are the best clothing materials to keep you warm during winter.

1. Wool

Wool is said to be the warmest clothing material. Wool is found naturally from sheared sheep or other animals, but over the years, manufactured wool has started encroaching on the wool market. Wool has naturally moisture-wicking and insulating properties created by the present air pockets in the wool that ensure the body is warm through the winter. Wool is used to make sweaters, shawls, blankets, and stockings. Wool can sometimes be itchy for some people though you can try the merino wool, which is softer and more comfortable. Visit here to make an order for woolen clothing.

2. Silk

Silk might not seem like a warm material due to its thinness and lightness but it has excellent insulating properties and is comfortable. Silk will only keep you warm if worn under other clothes rather than top-layer clothing. Silkworms produce silk naturally while crafting their cocoons. Silk has excellent wicking properties as it can absorb up to 30% of its weight and wick away the rest keeping your body warm without worrying about sweating. 

3. Fleece

Compared to naturally produced wool and silk, fleece is a synthetic fiber made from polyester. The producers aim to create a synthetic replica of wool. To some percent, they have attained this since, just like wool, it keeps you warm without weighing you down due to its lightweight. Fleece is chiefly used to make winter jackets, coats, and sweaters for the wintry season. Since fleece is synthetic, its products are relatively low in price compared to wool or silk products.

4. Fur or faux fur

Fur is one of the few materials that dates its use back to the millennia as it was easy to procure from the hunted animals and was modified to make clothing. Faux fur is the synthetic version of fur or fake fur that reduce the need to kill more animals to get fur. Though it is not as warm as animal fur, it still produces enough warmth to keep our bodies through winter. 

5. Down

Down is an expensive or luxurious clothing material as it comes from the feathers of ducks and geese. It is stacked in between two waterproof materials to make a coat. The more feathers used, the warmer the coat will be and the more expensive it will cost. Down is a phenomenal insulator compared to warm materials since the feathers are excellent thermal insulators with loose structures that trap air. 

Though it may sound weird, hemp is another warm material you can wear during winter as it is eco-friendly. Hemp has antibacterial properties that help prevent odors from sweating. With the different types of materials, you should learn how to layer them effectively to stay warm.

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