Believing These 10 Myths About Hiking Keeps You From Growing

by Aaron Finch

It might surprise you to know that there are actually some myths surrounding the great outdoors like milky way white sands national park. Some people will tell you they’re true, but others have found out that this could be a huge mistake. Believe it or not, here are 10 of these widely-held beliefs.

Many people think that hiking is all about patience; however, it can actually be quite the opposite! When you keep moving forward and leave your expectations for what’s to come back at home, you’ll get much more enjoyment and satisfaction from your hike than if you tried to do it in 30 minutes with a shovel in hand expecting everything to go perfectly according to plan.

1. You can always add another day to your trip.

While it’s true that there are some hikes that can be done in a single day, it simply isn’t possible to hike continuously for days on end. It definitely eats up a lot of energy and it’s not really healthy to do so. There are also just too many other things you want to do during the day: explore, take in the sights, and relax.

2. You can always find a bathroom if nature calls.

It’s true that many National Parks, State Parks or National Forests provide bathroom facilities. But never travel without some sort of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and baby wipes!

3.There is a trail for everyone

It’s true that there are trails for the young and old, inexperienced hikers and experts alike; however, you might be surprised just how much hiking means to an individual. For those who love the outdoors it can become a lifestyle and filling up your life with new adventures is what it’s all about.

4. Hiking is a good way to get in shape

Although hiking can help you get in shape, it’s important to keep this in mind and not think that every little outdoor adventure will have the same impact on your fitness levels. Hiking takes so much energy that it really does burn up calories. It can also get your heart rate up and can even be more strenuous than jogging or other regular forms of exercise.

5. Hiking makes you stronger

Hiking can definitely make you stronger, however, there are also a lot of people who are very physically fit already. So while it might make you stronger, it’s generally not going to change many things about how strong you are by itself.

6. Hiking is a great way to meet people

While this may be true in your hometown, you might be surprised how hard it can be to make real connections with new people on the trail. Think about how much you find yourself locked into your own thoughts when hiking. It’s definitely not the best place to start a conversation!

7. You can always go hike with friends or family

While it’s true that you can go hiking with friends or family, people around you will also grow tired of it if you’re not careful. They won’t want to come out with you because they’ll see it as a chore, if they see it at all as a fun activity. While it’s true that family and friends are a good reason to go out into the great outdoors, you should never go hiking alone. There are some trails that are simply too dangerous and too remote for anyone else but trained experts to attempt.

8. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise

Again, hiking can be great exercise, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere and have to climb over rocks or fight through some thick brush. If you’re not really in shape, hiking can be an exhilarating and exhausting experience. Hiking burns calories and forces your body to react to its new surroundings. It’s never about the distance you are traveling for beginners, but it’s about how much work your body has to do in order to keep up with the trail.

9. Shoes can make or break a good hike

Although shoes will make your hike easier, they aren’t quite as important as everyone thinks they are. There are a wide variety of appropriate hiking shoes out there and it would be a mistake to buy the first pair that you see at Wal-Mart on sale because they’re cheap. Your shoes should fit right, have good arch support and be comfortable

10. Hiking trails are flat and easy to walk on

Some hiking trails may be relatively flat, but if you’re going to find some of the best and most scenic parts of the trail, you really need to go off the paths that everyone else is walking on. That’s where you’ll find the best views and most interesting parts of nature. While there are certainly some hiking trails out there that are flat, this isn’t true for all of them. It’s important to know how much elevation you’re about to climb and how hard it’s going to be before you set out into the great outdoors.


So remember, the more you relax and enjoy yourself, the more you’ll get out of your hiking experience. Be sure to stop and smell the flowers, take any kind of pictures you want, eat whatever snacks you want and enjoy yourself!

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