A standard bath can be a p-shaped bath with bath panels

by Aleena

Are you renovating your bathroom and seeing that all the features you want to be included are not enough? If you have already considered a slim design for a bathroom and extra small vanity units, a corner toilet, and a p shaped bath is it may be time to think about a shower?

Can a bath be a shower?

From the category of baths, straight baths, the most common and basic type. They are very simple and if you are not using much space, or prefer bathing, instead of showering, then one might be a good option. 

The ‘space saver’ style is like the straight bath but is trim at the edge to save your floor space while not sacrificing your bathroom width. L- and p shaped bath with the bath panels goes further in this field. These enable the widening of the bath field by 10-15 cm in width and holding the rest of the way down to reduce the space that the bath occupies.

As the names show, L- and P-shaped baths are square and rounded respectively: they have a similar amount of extra elbow space for showering. So, the disparity in form can easily adjust the extra space with a shower installation in it. Likewise, the Bath panels are available in any style so  it can match your bathroom or floor coverings or wall coverings with your bathroom furniture if so chosen. 

Know some installation tips 

If you are going to add new plumbing, you must do this first and, unless you have the experience, a licensed plumber is well advised. However, you can install your bath yourself if you focus on maintaining and working costs and taking advantage of existing plumbing pipework. 

The first step is to prepare your shower bath panels. It will have a supporting frame which must be mounted before it builds your bath. it can be made simpler by turning the bath upside down. Make sure you match the frame according to the directions of the manufacturer and correctly align the legs.  when your bath is in place, it adjusts the legs to make sure the bathroom is well balanced in view of any uneven floors. So proper measurement is the core thing to consider for the exact installation. 

You may also need to install a shower screen to shield your bathroom from splash during the use of the bath. Make sure the screen sits flat on the edge of the bath, so that water does not flow over the edge or bottom.

Your shower hose will stretch from the mixer tap of your shower and you must connect a riser rail to your wall to protect the showerhead. The rail can raise and reduced to allow the bath area to be comfortably fitted to both the tallest and the shortest members of the household:  connect the rail to a height that will enable this function to perform correctly.

Be sure to use the right tools for your wall style when fastening holes into the wall for your rail and shower display. Also, be cautious when pouring into the tiled wall, as tiles can relatively crack easily rather than use a hard drill and a gentle pressure. 

Ending note 

Finally, please note that these are just general tips: please always obey any clear installation instructions that are issued by the bath, shower, and shower manufacturer. Any P-shaped bath can merge with a bath panel in the bottom to increase its longevity. Yet, be conscious to choose a reliable bathroom store and ask about all the general concerns you have in your mind. You can easily find out the rich category of baths online where companies have been offering services of free home delivery and much more. Enjoy!

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