8 Amazing Facts About Eyebrows

by Ethan More

It is well-known how eyebrows protect your eyes, and many tips to take care of them. They help eliminate excess moisture entering your eyes and protect them from sweating and rainwater. Brows not only protect your eyes, but they can also highlight your facial features and enhance your eye look. Every human being on this earth is not god-gifted by having longer, thicker, and good shape of brows, and you need to shape them to enhance your brow’s beauty. 

 Still, frequently giving them shape can be a reason for less density to the eyebrows. You can make some home remedies and apply them to the brows. Also, the following are some tips that might help to get thick and long eyebrows. You can add the best serum for eyebrow growth to get faster results. Everything existing has exciting sides, and so do the eyebrows. Knowing the random facts about eyebrows helps to understand them better. In this blog, we will discuss some random and interesting facts about eyebrows, which can give you more information about them.

8 Random Facts About Brows

  • Eyebrows Can Have Cowlicks

Sometimes, if you notice your eyebrows very closely, you can see cowlicks present on your eyebrows like you have on the head. Generally, a bunch of hair that grows in the opposite direction of other hair surrounding it is called a cowlick. This cowlick is mainly found in people with curly and wavy hair, and people with straight hair also have it on their heads. The reason for mentioning the cowlicks is that it is essential to keep trimming the cowlicks of the eyebrows in mind, and it helps to grow them evenly to each side. 

  • Eyebrows Fast Grows in Summer

Your eyebrows grow in summer compared to the other season. The reason for faster eyebrow growth in the summer is the warm weather. The warm temperature can help to boost blood circulation, help to stimulate the follicles, and promote growth. Similarly, that is implied with your eyelashes, which can be a reason for boosting lash growth. If you want to grow your lashes in all weather, you can add the best lash growth serum to your skincare routine, which might help to get long and thick eyelashes.

  • Long Brows Provide Good Vision

Healthy and long brows can give you good vision by protecting your eye from excess moisture and sweat. Also, it can help to avoid rainwater from the eyes to get rid of any allergies by entering rainwater into them. So, getting healthy and longer brows is necessary to get better protection for your eyes. You can visit the MD Factor website to buy the best serum for eyebrow growth.

  • Having Unibrows Is an Indication of Intelligence

According to Greek culture, having a unibrow is a sign of intelligence and beauty of the women. People who naturally do not have them create a false unibrow with the help of kohl or lampblack, a black pigmentation made out of powdery elements called soot. Besides this, in other cultures, unibrows have known as the monobrow. It is also a sign of good luck.

  • Stress Can Affect Brow Growth

Stress can be a reason to stop or slow down your eyebrow growth. According to the studies, it can slow down the anagen or growth phase, where approximately 90% of growth in your brow strands occurs. On the other hand, the promotion of the telogen phase means the resting phase can negatively affect eyebrow growth. That is the reason why stress may cause slow brow growth.

  • The Mona Lisa Do Not Have Eyebrows

The famous portrait made by Leonardo Da Vinci was The Mona Lisa. If you notice the picture with a clear mind and deep thoughts, you can see that Mona Lisa did not have eyebrows. The reason behind this, it was a fashion in the Renaissance to shave the eyebrows. Also, women in the Renaissance period shaved their facial hair, like eyebrows. Still, some research said that Leonardo Da Vinci again created the painting and unintentionally removed the eyebrows.

  • Eyebrow Follicle Can Recover the Hair After You Pluck it

You can notice slight swelling or tiny bumps whenever you pluck or wax the eyebrows area to remove the unwanted hair. This is when you try to pluck the brows, and the follicle closes, saving the brow strands from removing it. This swelling or little bumps not staying that long, and only 2-3 hours stay around the eyebrow area. Still, if you notice the tiny bumps not removing for 2-3 days, it is a breakout. This breakout can appear by using any products right after the waxing or plucking the eyebrows strands.

  • Eyebrows Have Long History

Giving shaping coloring and making brows attractive comes from Ancient Egypt, and at that time people decorated their brows with carbon and black oxide to give shape to them. So, in Ancient times, taking care of their brows was also included as part of their daily routine.

Final Words!

Knowing some interesting and random facts about eyebrows makes you understand them very closely. Also, in that way, you know how important the eyebrows are for your eyes. You can visit the MD Factor website if you are looking for the best serum for eyebrows growth to include the eye care routine. Here, you can get hair care and skincare products. Besides this, you can find health supplements on this website.

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