7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Empire Tv Show Interior Design

by Aaron Finch

If you love The Empire Strikes Back, you’re probably wondering about all the clever pre-production tricks Lucas used to make the Millennium Falcon’s interior look like a real spaceship. This is where interior design comes in — it’s a field that covers everything you need to make your living space look just like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. It’s not just set dressing, though — it’s an art form that can create spaces that feel immersive and believably futuristic, according to this post. 


A few designers who’ve worked with some of our favorite sci-fi movies are also included in this list! Empire tv show interior design is the one. The Empire Strikes Back was the first movie to use virtual sets and green screen, pioneering the technology that allows modern blockbusters like Avatar to be so visually stunning. The Millennium Falcon’s bridge was one of the most complicated spaces in Star Wars — there isn’t really a frame that captures it in its entirety — but parts of it were built as miniature models (which were then turned into a matte painting). 


In order to make these look like real spaceships, Lucas had to come up with tricks like having slanted floors because they’re more likely to move when traveling through space. You can read more about his process here and here . Empire tv show interior design is the most beautiful interior design company.


7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Empire Tv Show Interior Design :

1. The office is basically a set.


According to my co-blogger Sarah, “Anyone who has ever designed a set knows how expensive it is, and how much time and effort goes into making sure that all your stuff looks “real” from the inside out, from the lighting to the artwork to all of the details in between.” If you’ve seen pictures of other sets like this throughout The Empire Strikes Back, you know that everything we see in these scenes was actually created. So what makes up an average office? For Empire tv show interior design , it’s basically a mini four-wall bridge-shaped model with lights and decorations tacked on top.


2. They built multiple ones “just for show. “


Just like his process for the Millennium Falcon, Lucas’s team did a lot of planning for the bridge of the Empire’s Star Destroyer. For example, they built a few full-scale models — including ones that didn’t appear in any scenes — as part of the research process. They also explored multiple designs (check out this cool “red” one) and even created a whole new model for its appearance in Episode III. From the looks of things, they picked up right after The Empire Strikes Back and probably had to do some major retooling to implement digital effects into this set.

3. There was another floor underneath Darth Vader’s office.


The Empire’s ultimate villain didn’t quite get his own set — he just walked in early one of the sets they built. Why? Because Vader is still standing on a slanted floor that appears to be strapped down, and it wouldn’t look right if he were floating up in the air (like we would assume this Vader is). So if you’re looking for a pop quiz, which floor does Darth have under his feet? A: The Millennium Falcon, B: Another Star Destroyer bridge. Empire tv shows interior design use in our city .

4. They had real aliens working on it as well.


No, really. While Lucas was busy planning how the actors would appear in front of green screens, he also recruited a bunch of artist friends to help out by acting as aliens and other background characters. There are so many unnamed people behind the scenes in Star Wars that it’s hard to keep track — especially if you’re trying to find them all in Empire. Here’s one we found:

5. The vintage design vibe wasn’t an accident.

George Lucas is a huge fan of ‘50s and ‘60s sci-fi films, especially those in the Forbidden Planet genre. The look of the Star Wars saga is a lot more retro than you might think. In Empire, they use this retro-look because they wanted to make the film look like it could have been a space-age movie. I’m not sure how accurate this is — like any movie or TV set — but we’re not going to argue with the man who created it!


6. A lot of these “tricks” would get you fired today.


If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show where a character walked across an outside ledge to enter a building, you might realize that they’re using something called “Sliding Doors.” These are more than just a trick shot; they help keep the whole set stable as people walk through and out of rooms, according to this post . Lucas used this a lot during the filming of Empire — and look, even Lando made it work! You can also see this in action with Yoda and a few other characters.

7. Creating sets for sci-fi movies could be as simple as “throwing up a sheet.”


If you’ve ever wondered how to create the perfect futuristic bedroom — no matter whether it’s for your house or (just maybe) your spaceship — check out this post, which explains that they did just that on The Empire Strikes Back. Some of them weren’t much more complex than bedsheets , while others were more like miniature board games .


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