7 Stereotypes About Developers That Aren’t Always True

by Aaron Finch

When you think about a developer you might imagine someone who spends all day in front of a computer with the curtains drawn, sleeping under their desk, and with a stale cigarette hanging from their lips. They may be stacking boxes of pizza against the window to keep warm and are surrounded by empty energy drink cans , professional wordpress: design and development

is a bit of a cliché. It has been said to be one of the only careers where programming languages are needed, and it is often viewed as monotonous work that is based solely on formulas and formulas alone.

Some developers do spend most of their time writing code, but there are plenty that don’t fit this stereotype. In fact, a developer is an umbrella term for anyone who is involved in the process of writing software. This includes architects and engineers, testers and quality assurance analysts, project managers and even some office assistants. These people can all develop software using different processes. 

7 Stereotypes About Developers That Aren’t Always True :

1. Developers need to be computer nerds

It’s true that there are plenty of computer geniuses and black-belt code fighters out there, but you don’t have to be a nerd to be a good developer. You don’t even have to like computers. In fact, some developers are so far from the stereotypical computer nerd that they prefer mobile gadgets to their desktop PCs. 

They tend to prefer devices like their smartphones and tablets over hefty laptops. These developers are more likely to use collaboration tools like Skype. And it’s not just because these tools are cheaper than licensing packages for their computers. They usually find these tools much more convenient for communicating with colleagues and solving problems together in real time . 

2. Developers are terrible with people

 developers with high social skills are more likely to make friends and inspire confidence in their colleagues. To understand why being a great team player is so important, you should understand what it means to be surrounded by negative people . This can be incredibly damaging to your productivity .

 When you work in an environment where everyone is constantly frustrated, stressed and impatient, everyone becomes less motivated and this affects your performance. This is why it’s important for developers to have a good social skill set. Because of this, developers are often rated as cooperative , which can help them win favor with clients or investors. 

3. Developers are always on a diet

One stereotype is that developers are always counting calories and they always follow some strict diet. That’s why they look so thin, pale and unhealthy all the time. The truth is, developers are more likely to be overweight than any other type of worker . Research into the lifestyles of software developers has shown that carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains, back pain and eye strain can all be caused by their sedentary habits.

 To reduce their risk of developing these conditions many developers now work standing up or even make use of a treadmill desk . And although many are concerned about their health issues, most don’t want to share it with others. They want to keep it to themselves .

4. Developers are careless about their appearance

Another typical stereotype is that developers are generally unhygienic and always look messy. They don’t comb their hair, they never change their clothes, and they shower only once a month, so everything about them looks sloppy. 

But the truth is different than you would expect. In fact, many developers care more about their hairstyles and clothes than any other type of worker . They like to look smart and professional at all times because it reflects well on them as a person. Even if it means having to spend much of their salary on buying new outfits or haircuts.

5. Developers are all introverts

There are many stereotypes about developers and one of them is that they’re all introverts. That they don’t like to go out, that they don’t have any friends, and there’s not a lot of conversation. But this isn’t always true . In fact, some developers love to spend time at the office because it gives them the chance to code all day long. They can finish their tasks quickly and move on to the next one.

 This gives them more free time for hanging out with their friends or family members . But some software engineers do enjoy spending time outdoors as well, especially if it involves physical activity . The good thing is that developers are more likely to be athletic than the average worker. The bad thing is that they tend to prefer activities that don’t involve a lot of social contact, like hiking or skating .

6. Developers always have earbuds in

Another stereotype is that developers listen to loud music when they work. But the fact is, many developers are listening to their own music rather than the music their employers want them to listen to . This stems from a frustration with pointless meetings, in which every single employee gets involved and has nothing to do at all .

 When employees feel bored at work it can cause them stress and irritation . And it’s not always a bad thing. If you find your colleagues annoying, this can give you the motivation to work harder . But for many developers, working in an office doesn’t have to be filled with all kinds of annoying meetings, pointless chit chat and annoying music. They’d rather spend their time on something that they enjoy.

7. Developers are always lost in their own world

There are many developers who are very good at using their imagination to create their own stories . They enjoy writing stories, so much in fact that they often get involved with writing in book genres. There is no limit for them, and they can write about anything. But even though many are good at imagining things, there are still some developers who prefer reading on paper or listening to music rather than reading or writing. 

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