7 Amazing Stouffers Stove Top Hacks

by Aaron Finch

Stouffer’s is a company that specializes in frozen fast food. They sell chicken, lasagna, and meatloaf among other things. They have recently come back into our lives with the launch of their line of stove top dinners. These meals are a good alternative to cooking at home because they are fast, not very expensive and can be pre-prepared ahead of time.

Below you will find 7 amazing Stouffer’s stove top stuffing hacks that should help save you time in the kitchen!

1) Get Started With Their Sauces: 

All three of their sauces are great to roast vegetables with because they offer a full range of flavors that allow you to introduce ingredients without any fuss or hassle. Not only that, but these sauces are a great way to add flavor to meat as well as vegetables. So no matter what meal you are planning, these sauces will be a good choice.

2) Use Their Microwavable Meal As A Base: 

Stouffer’s has a line of meal kits that you can prepare ahead of time. This is a great way to cut your prep time down and save money. You might even want to try cooking a couple of meals from the same kit at the same time. The Stouffer’s stove top meals work better than anything else on the market when it comes to creating the perfect meat and potatoes dinner. All you have to do is add your potatoes and turnips or your other vegetables to the meal. And believe us when we say there is something for every taste bud in their selection of meals.

3) Add Your Own Ingredients:

Stouffer’s is famous for their mouth-watering amount of ingredients. This can make making your own meal difficult when you are trying to use less expensive ingredients as a substitute. What we love most about these meals is that they are a light alternative to cooking at home. At under $3.50, they are a great value and let’s face it, sometimes all you want is some tasty food that doesn’t take a lot of time!

4) Get Creative With Your Side Dishes: 

The great thing about these meals is that they are ready in minutes, so you can spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen. Whether you are planning to eat your food in the microwave or on the stove top, it is best to add some salt. The reason for this is simple. A little bit of salt will bring out the flavors and make your meal taste better. We do suggest you to use a little bit of salt over and above the amount that is usually recommended.

5) Use The Microwavable Meal As A Sandwich: 

If you love sandwiches, Stouffer’s offers a great variety of options for this type of meal. They make everything from meat loaves and pastrami to pepperoni and chicken. On top of that, you can use their microwavable meals as a sandwich topping. Simply take one of the meals, add cheese to it and then bake it in your oven for 15 minutes. The Stouffer’s microwave meals are perfect for preparing sandwiches, but we do suggest that you get creative with your slices and put whatever meat or vegetables you want on them.

6) Add Your Own Flavors: 

If you are planning to microwave your meal it is a rule of thumb that you add your own flavors. This will allow the food to cook evenly, and produce less mess in the process. The goal is to avoid ending up with a soggy sandwich. Depending on what meal that meal is, these dinners also work well with different seasonings and spices. Just remember, if it has an herb in it and you are using spices or seasonings, be sure to choose a spice or seasoning with similar ingredients to the one you are using.

7) Make A Meal To Go:

A good way to make a meal to go is to use a Stouffer’s microwave meal for your main course and add an apple pie or a juice box as your dessert. The Stouffer’s™ line of stove top dinners are great on their own as a quick meal. However, they are even better if you put them into a container and take it to work with you. This is because these meals are not only easy to prepare, but they can be reheated in the microwave or in a conventional oven. So the next time you want something fast and tasty for lunch or dinner, get one of these meals and enjoy!


Stouffer’s has been around for a while, but they have recently undergone a change in how they do things. They have stuck to traditional recipes that were tried and tested over the many years they have been around. But what they are doing now is really making their meals better. Rather than using frozen foods, Stouffer’s has decided to go with fresh ingredients and make them as good as it gets. 

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