5 Ways To Accessorize Your Yoga Look

by Aleena

Semi casual wear is recent times the latest fashion trend. It gives us value and comfort altogether; styles of semi-casual have emerged all around and isn’t restricted just to athletics. 

With new styles, colors, and print coming out especially in custom design leggings, semi-casual has been accepted by a wide range of people, be it a casual get together or fitness run across the town and even in the office if done right.

The next big question is exactly should we wear to make our leggings look as stylish as we want? The answer is pretty simple which can be found out in the following pointer ahead and the manner you should accessorize them to rock the look almost everywhere: 

1. A Sporty Fashioned Look

The key to making your yoga pants look amazing is to make sure that the rest of the style is somewhat similar. Go for comfort and casual while looking for fabrics such as cotton or denim instead of the high maintenance ones such as silk or fancy vintage ones. 

Some ways to complement your existing styling is by choosing camos, casual jackets, tank tops, or body wraps who will be with you in all kind of situations. 

Complete your look with short heels, soothing sunglasses, and a hat on an alternative day out will match up with the layers of your tank top or tees which can be replaced instantly with a sweater if you have decided for a jog across the town.

2. Make Full Use Of Your Yoga Pants

Choose a yoga pant with various print or designs or simply get custom yoga pants which you can put with any dress or top just like your usual legging or jeans. This will add up in your daily style quotient which also will keep you warm in the winter season. 

You can also pair them with long boots or an overcoat and you are ready for a great holiday shopping. In the summer season, you can use short capris while on a beach with a sundress or into the woods for a friend’s gathering picnic, with sandals or flip flops matched with your t-shirt to avoid getting direct sun-burn.

3. Style Up Your Yoga Pants For The Office

With more and more styles coming up with yoga pants, you can use them during your office hours on a semi-casual wear day. The fashion experts were hinting towards the upcoming this upcoming from the previous year only and it was expected that people will use it with their office attire and won’t just restrict it with the purpose its name says and was evident this year how this style rose above from the others and makes it way in for the office styling purposes if accessorized well. 

The upper hand of these yoga pants along with the obvious comfort is that most of the offices are bringing up a yoga session during the work hours only to keep their employees healthy, which is now a great excuse to wear them now. Give a try to your yoga pants in the office with your custom fit leggings along with comfortable shoes and a casual coat.


Don’t underestimate the power of yoga pants giving you a hot stylish look while you are planning a trip to the town. No matter if you are going for a lunch date or a night club part with your friends, matching your yoga pants with the right accessories will bring out the best of your looks. 

Match it up with a glittery tank top and some dashing heels to bring out that hot chic girl for amazing nightlife. If you love the secluded cute ambiance, you can have them up with a flared skirt and a pullover.

5. Never Skip On The Essential Accessories

The overall look which brings out the best in you is incomplete without the matching accessories. You do focus on forming a perfect combination with the right shoes or boots for the winters giving a more aesthetic look. 

Talking about the winters how can one forget the shawls, scarves, and neck wraps which are a great look enhancement option. However, the most important here is choosing the right jewelry. 

Upgrading your look with a minimalist bracelet, a classic watch with great features, or just the right earrings for the occasion while you are going to meet some friend or have a party can enhance your vibe and people will look up to you as a style icon who, they wish to get inspired from. 

If you are going for a new year party where there will be a lot of dancing around, you should consider matching your yoga leggings with a small clutch to carry the basics of your makeup items. 

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