5 incredible tips to master driving in wet conditions

by Aleena

Whether it’s torrential rain or a drizzle, it can be a difficult task to drive since tyres can lose grip from the traction. Countless accidents happen all year due to aquaplaning or harsh weather conditions.

In this article, we are going to share a few strategies that will help you drive in rain with ease and safety.

Be careful and drive slow

Hitting the gas pedal abruptly or doing any other jerky move can lead to loss of grip. So, every turn of steering and movement of brakes should be soft and smooth so that it does not disturb the tyre’s traction. Pretend if you have a bucket full of water on the back seat and any jerky movement would spill it, so you can better focus on driving the car smoothly.

Hitting the accelerator suddenly or some other jerky move will result in a loss of grip. Thus, each movement of the steer and brakes must be gentle and steady so as not to disrupt the grip of the tyre. Assume that you’ve got a bowl filled with water on the back seat and any jerky move will spill it. 

See Ahead

It is important to see ahead and further when you’re driving in wet weather. Predict your next movement and be ahead of time so that you wouldn’t have to make any abrupt move, which, as described above, can be risky for you.

If you expect traffic, consider pressing the brake a little faster as the vehicle needs more time to stop when the road is wet or slick.

Don’t panic when the car skids

It’s a smart idea to drive where you’re headed as the car starts skidding. If your car is skidding in a different direction, be focused on where you are headed and turn the wheel slightly

Learn to deal with skids

Even when you are driving carefully, there will be a time when you will hit a slippery surface. You are going to start skidding in a different direction. However, skids can be controlled regardless of how serious they are, after a while you can control your vehicle again. 

It is important to stay calm and be gentle with every movement you make.

If the front wheel loses grip, the vehicle begins to roll in a circle. Be soft on the accelerator in such a condition. When you release the accelerator, the wheels will start to get back on their traction.

If the back wheels lose grip, your car is going to spin. In that case, attempt to sense in which direction the back wheels are gliding, and then turn the steering wheel in the same direction. For example, if the wheels at the rear turn to the left, turn the steering wheel to the left. Make sure to keep away from the brakes and be soft on the gas pedal. For a while, the rear-wheel will recover its lost momentum and you will be able to go where you were going earlier.

Get an all-wheel-drive

All-wheel drivetrain system offers ideal stability on the wet roads as it gives more traction to the tyre which requires it the most and vice versa. This variable power transfer to different wheels helps the car maintain a better grip with the ground. This dynamic transfer of power to different tyres lets the vehicle keep a tighter grip on the road.

Classic SUVs such as the latest CR-V 2020 come with an AWD standard in top trims. More affordable models are also available in the market. This vehicle is well suited to cope with extreme weather conditions.

Driving in rain require extra care and smartness. If you are clumsy, you will face difficulties. High-quality and tyres in good condition can also help drive smoothly and safely. If you have old tyres, perform a thorough inspection. And, if you find them in bad conditions (low tread depth or damage), you can look for car tires Bahrain online to buy new tyres.

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