5 Ideas for What to Wear to the Airport

by Ethan More

Picking an outfit for the airport is anything but easy. Airport outfits demand functionality, thanks to complex security checks, cramped seats (and extended time sitting in them), intense and unhappy crowds and many other factors. But functionality doesn’t have to be hard to achieve when you know airports the way that we do, and fashionability doesn’t have to be hard to incorporate when you love it the way that we do! The first step is simply to understand:

The Essentials You’ll Need

No matter your style, the essentials below will apply to you. 

    • Comfy shoes are absolutely essential when it comes to airport style. Non-slip, non-blistering, simple-to-slide-on shoes will be your savior when it comes to stripping them on and off quickly for security, hustling literal miles to your gate and navigating crazy crowds without accidents. When it comes to finding these special features for the airport, athletic shoes for women are always a good starting point (and normally the endpoint, too!). 
    • Comfy pants with stretch like tights, yoga pants and joggers are simple enough to still style well but will give you significantly more stretch to switch positions and get comfy as needed. Along with comfort, these sorts of styles will also help you slip through security a lot easier, thanks to their lack of buttons, zippers, snaps or special metal accents that will set off metal detectors. 
    • Layers are especially important when traveling from cold to hot climates or vice versa. These will be helpful thanks to the fact that they will be needed as you leave the cold and as you return back to it, but are bulky enough to not be wanted in your luggage. As an added bonus, your sweater or jacket can make the perfect pillow if you do decide to shed it mid-flight!
  • Something to tame your travel hair whether that be a hair tie, a scrunchie, a bandana or a hat — anything to make you feel put together when you land will be appreciated by your future post-flight self!

The Looks You Can Make 

Now that you know the essential pieces you’ll need, it’s time to translate them into your style because — let’s face it — just throwing on your comfiest pants and layering on the tops isn’t going to make you feel excited to be a part of the scenery when you land.  

Look #1 — The Sunny-Side Up

To stay warm, you’ll want to pair your cute and comfortable sandals with equally cute, comfortable and stylish socks. With your socks and sandals, we recommend a foolproof pair of leggings. On top, we suggest a sun dress that can be warmed up with a kimono or beach wrap and covered completely by a warm rain jacket that is likely to actually come in handy if you’re going to a tropical location. 

At your jumping-off point, the jacket, leggings and smart footwear decision will be all that’s seen and make for an appropriate aesthetic with subtle style. Upon arrival at your destination, the socks, leggings and jacket can be easily stripped off, leaving you in a kimono, sundress and sandals — success! A tote bag will top the look off, along with giving you somewhere to store your jacket, leggings and socks when you slip out of them.

Look #2 — The Warm-Weather Work Trip

If you’re a Sunny-Side Up sorta person who’s being forced to travel for work, paper bag waist pants or wide leg pants with an easy-to-kick-off pair of heels, cute camisole and comfortable wrap, long sleeve or sweater to keep you warm until you get there is your prerogative. You’ll likely have to take your shoes off to go through security, though, so make sure they are simple to slip in and out of and make sure you have some little sockettes if being barefoot on the airport floor doesn’t sit well with you!

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Look #3 — The Event Excursionist 

So while it will depend on the event and even on your style, we love the idea of leather leggings that will look as polished as they’ll feel comfortable, cute ankle boots with heels to up the special occasion factor, a nice top that showcases your style, a simple cropped coat if needed and a classic leather tote bag to top it off. This is a classic out-and-about model look that will counteract any tiredness you’re showing from travel, and instantly give you the appearance of a luxurious and stylish traveler who’s excited to be at the event and absolutely present. 

Along with this, your tote bag will be amazing for every last-minute event item and in-between travel refresher. This can mean blotting papers or lipsticks to refresh the face, eye drops or lip balms to rehydrate the face, deodorants or sprays to refresh the body or a pen and notepad for a formal function. Whatever the event, there will be extra little things that you suddenly need, so save yourself the stress and make sure you’ve got a bag that can handle every little thing you remember! 

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Remember: It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination 

When you’re envisioning the bright tropical sun or crisp winter air to come, it can be hard to dress for the harsh airport light and recycled cabin air that you have to pass through first — and we imagine that might be because it’s way less fun to think about. So don’t! We’ve done the thinking for you, and all that’s left for you to do is decide which outfit will go best with your attitude, anticipated journey and anxiously awaited arrival.

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