4 Shopping Tips For Buying A Trendy Summer Look

by Ethan More
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Some people consider summer the best season ever, as it’s the best time for festivities and outdoor activities. Families enjoy spending barbecue parties out in the yard, couples go on trips to beach resorts, and so on. Days are much longer, and women can finally show some skin and wear those natural flush cheeks with minimal makeup. 

The warmer months are in full swing, and it’s natural to go on a shopping spree for some new summery clothes. It’s time to review your wardrobe and check what’s lacking and what you can experiment with in different outfits. After a wardrobe assessment, it’s time to visit the boutiques and online shops and get some new Italian clothes to rejuvenate your summer looks. 

Make the most of your shopping journey and apply these tips in buying the best and trendiest summer outfits of all time:  

  • Go For Light Colors  

Many ladies feel excited that summer has come and can finally start wearing some tankini tops, sundresses, and shorts. 

When it comes to picking out colors, you’ll realize that lighter ones such as white, beige, pink, yellow, sky blue, and other pastel tones feel fresher than sporting dark-colored clothes. This is because the light colors, especially white, reflect the sun better since they don’t absorb the light that hits them. What they do is to reflect them all back instead.  

If you want to feel less hot this summer, go for light colors. Check your closet and wear those feminine tones like pink and pale blues. This is their time to shine; you’ll look cute and fresh in them anyway. Wear a lot of whites too. Take out your white button-down shirts, and have fun wearing them in versatile ways. You can slip on a tank top inside and wear a white button-down as a coverup. And if you prefer, you can wear it as a button-up white shirt on its own.  

As for your bottoms, don’t shy away from rocking those white or cream-toned trousers and palazzo pants. They’re meant to be worn in the summer. Whether it’s day or nighttime, the humid weather of summer allows you to stay comfortable with these summer clothes. You can change your shoes, wear a bold lip color, and put on some accessories, and you’ll be ready for a night out with the same light-colored clothes.   

  • Invest In Versatile Pieces  

This shopping tip doesn’t apply solely to your summer shopping spree only. In fact, it applies to any of your wardrobe pieces. Invest in versatile pieces that allow you to wear them in different ways and for different seasons. Some summer clothes can actually work fantastic with winter jackets and trench coats. So, invest in summer outfits that can be stored and worn much later on. 

Group of happy friends shopping in store

Picture showing group of happy friends shopping in store

Dresses or versatile tops can be worn on any occasion and in any situation. For instance, you can purchase a tube pastel dress or opt for a short or long one. While this is perfect to be worn alone in summer, you can still wear it in fall or spring with a thicker cardigan or jacket.  

Another versatile piece of clothing is to invest in top and pants coordinates. They’re on trend this summer season and can be perfect for casual or semi-formal events. You can even wear a blazer, which can pass as your work attire in the office. 

  • Consider The Fabric And Materials  

Summer clothes are all about comfort and breathability. Hence, it’s an important tip to prioritize fabric and materials when shopping for summer clothes. Instead of polyester, go for cotton, linen, chambray, and rayon. These are your best picks for fabric that allow you to feel cool despite the summer heat. 

The mentioned fabrics absorb perspiration as well and release them into thin air right away. You don’t have to feel conscious of having sweat stains on your clothes. High-quality fabrics like them are better at conducting heat, making them the most breathable fabrics available. 

  • Purchase Clothing Items With Prints  

Summer is the right time to celebrate life’s vibrancy and colors. Hence, embrace wearing prints. Recent years have seen color popping become one of the most popular trends. You should join the trend and experiment with some bold patterns for your summer outfit. You’ll be surprised how it can instantly elevate your otherwise dull dress. 

Take a pause from your usual solid and neutral tones, and have some fun dressing up bright colored dresses and bold printed blouses. Contrary to what some ladies would think, matching prints is actually easy. In fact, you can wear denim or black jeans with any bold print or bright-colored top. Get out of your comfort zone this summer and have fun with prints.  


Shopping is always fun for almost all women out there. It’s even therapeutic for some, but apply fresh shopping tips this summer to elevate your summer clothes even more. You can master the art of fashion by adding the tips mentioned above to your existing fashion knowledge. Invest in light colors and versatile clothing pieces. Make sure to prioritize their fabric and material, and don’t be afraid to wear bold prints.

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