10 Reliable Sources To Learn About The Cannabis Marketing Industry

by Aaron Finch

As marijuana legalization becomes more commonplace, so too is the cannabis marketing industry. It has taken a major leap in recent years, leaving many people wondering how to break into this promising field. Here are 10 reliable sources to learn about the cannabis marketing industry that can help kickstart your career or assist you with your knowledge of this rapidly changing field. Know some more reliable sources about the cannabis marketing industry here :

1. Marijuana Business, by Nick Kovacevich

A massive guide to the marijuana industry, this book offers an in-depth look at the business of cannabis. The book offers a unique perspective on important aspects of this field such as financing and growing techniques. Lovingly illustrated with photographs and illustrations throughout, this book is one of the most comprehensive books available for learning about this industry and breaking into it.

2. Cannabis Marketing: A Rebellious Approach to Growth by Jeff Mello, Colin Price

If you’re looking for comprehensive advice on cannabis marketing that is anything but conventional, then look no further than these two books written by two different authors who specialize in harnessing growth through their own innovative tactics and philosophies. 

The authors each have a different approach to cannabis marketing that they have developed through years of trial and error, including their own personal stories.

For today’s cannabis marketing techniques, the authors recommend developing a product that is ideally known to the majority. It’s also important to ensure that you understand your target audience as every type of market will respond differently when it comes to advertising. 

The authors go into depth here about how to identify your ideal customers, how to target them and build an advertising campaign around your product.

3. Cannabis Marketing Handbook: How to Successfully Market to Adult Weed Consumers by David Bickford

With a focus on marketing products within the cannabis market, this book offers an assortment of tips and advice that will prove valuable to anyone looking to enter this industry. The book touches on many aspects of the industry such as proper branding, how best to brand your product and how you can market it correctly. 

Written by a marketing professional in this field, the information here is written with an objective eye toward helping readers identify marketing mistakes they are making within their own campaigns.

4. 60 Minutes of Marijuana Marketing Advice by Kayvan Khalatbari and Ricardo Baca

If you’re looking for a book focused on marijuana marketing without any of the personal anecdotes found in many other books, this might be the right one for you. With each chapter offering its own unique tip or idea, the authors here focus on everything from how to create successful ad campaigns to the difference between social media adverts and billboards. 

Best of all, this book is updated regularly so you’ll always have access to fresh information in terms of what’s happening within cannabis marketing today.

5. The Cannabis Marketing Guidebook by James Quezada, Adrian Guardado and Michael DiVincenzo

Offering a more educational approach to this industry, this book has been updated regularly to provide new insight on the latest techniques available for cannabis marketing. With each chapter focusing on a specific topic that the authors have learned through their own experiences working within this field, the advice offered here is geared toward helping you develop an effective campaign for your cannabis product.

6. The Cannabis Marketers Guide by Brett Hanley, Ashley Myers, and Jason Whowell

Offering a more comprehensive guidebook for becoming a cannabis marketer, this book is written for beginning marketers. The book is designed to be easy to read so anyone interested in entering the field has an easier time understanding the basic concepts that are covered here. Written with California’s leading growers in mind, this book will show you how to develop your product quickly and easily.

7. Marketing Marijuana: The Guide to Grossing Millions by Jeff Mello, Colin Price

Another in-depth guide to the cannabis marketing industry, this book offers a detailed account of everything you’ll ever need to know about this market. Written by some of the country’s leading experts in marketing and advertising, this book will help you get a better understanding of how best to go about marketing and identifying your target customer base.

8. Ready Set Grow! Marketing Your Cannabis Business by Michael Dinich, editor

With over 50 years of combined experience within the cannabis industry, the co authors here have written a book for beginners and experienced marketers alike that offers insight into getting your brand known within the cannabis marketplace. Focusing on everything from the benefits of legal marijuana advertising to social media, this book offers essential advice for those interested in learning about this industry.

9. The Cannabis Marketing Guidebook by Robert Groesbeck, Phylis P. Groesbeck and Brian Groesbeck

This book will teach you all you need to know about developing a marketing plan for your cannabis products and encouraging customers to purchase them. Written with a California grower in mind, this book will give you the tools you need to help you develop a successful marketing campaign that can help your business grow.

10. The Cannabis Marketing Manifesto by Jason J. Lewis

With this book, you’ll learn all you need to know about cannabis marketing as it relates to social media. The book will teach you how to create your own personal brand and use it to market your business in a way that will help you develop a strong following on social media and beyond. 

Written by a cannabis entrepreneur who has developed his own followers through his personal brand, the tips here are sure to be beneficial for anyone looking to grow their following.

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