You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Daily Soaps

by Aaron Finch

Every day, we watch these family dramas unfold on our screens. We follow the storylines of soaps like it’s an addiction and find ourselves hooked by the different subplots that unfold.  Kumkum bhagya 14 march 2017 is one of the most popular daily serials in India. The show was first aired on star plus at 6 pm and now it’s time slots changed to 6:30 pm. Here we will be discussing a few unknown facts about this serial and you will never believe that these are true.

The Bizarre Truth Behind Daily Soaps :

1. The Casts were Completely Unaware of the Storyline

When the show first started, the entire cast wasn’t aware of the storyline.  They were given scenes and dialogues on a daily basis. They would rehearse and shoot only after they got their portions.  They weren’t allowed to discuss or tell anyone about what they had shot as well. This was done because of a planned publicity stunt.

2. The Casts had to be Known for their Daytime Roles

In India, a lot of people consider soaps as a medium for the rich and famous to get by with their fake lives.  But in reality, the show was very important in helping its stars get noticed. The actors have to be known for their day time roles if they want to get noticed in the industry and they have no other option aside from doing serials. 

It’s all about getting them some more work later on. The actors also understood that it’s more of an opportunity for them rather than a career booster but it’s always better that you know what you are doing before you start something else.

3. Forced Nudity

Be it any serial, be it any actor and actress; they want to show as much skin as possible. Even in kumkum Bhagya 14 march 2017, there have been countless instances where the actors were forced to get completely naked on screen. Many of the guys had a problem with taking off their shirts and they ended up doing a lot of things behind the scenes so that they don’t end up baring it all onscreen.  They even evaded shoot schedules at times if they know that their scene will involve them shedding clothes.

4. The Casts lack basic knowledge about their characters

The actors weren’t given scripts and they had limited knowledge of the story plots. For all they know, they are just following the scenes and lines given to them by their directors. This is one of the reasons why they don’t even know what’s happening on screen during the shooting of a certain scene. They have to act as it goes along so that they can not ruin the scene with unplanned expressions or gestures.

5. The Actors always use the same fake dialogues

Everyone knows that actors and actresses don’t really know their dialogues well and they use the same lines over and over again. They memorize them and use them during every single dubbing session.  Even after having said the lines hundreds of times, they still say it exactly the way they are written out on the script.

6. The Scenes are Totally Improvised by Directors

The actors have to improvise a lot on set whenever a scene involves a lot of improvisation or when it’s very hard to explain whats happening in front of cameras because some dialogues are shot as well but have no meaning to them at all. The directors just tell them to improvise as they go along or to do scenes that are with no meaning at all.

7. The Casts don’t have any breaks during Shoot schedule

The actors usually work in shifts so that they can shoot for half a day and then resume the next day. Since it’s a daily soap, the crew has to work for multiple days without any breaks and this is why their loyalties are questioned. If a person gets sick once, then he/she will still have to shoot even after recovering. This is because the cast has already committed to finishing the shoot early and they won’t be allowed to take any breaks even if they want one or may be due to some unavoidable circumstances occurring.

8. Some Majors Storyline changes aren’t even mentioned to the Casts

The actors don’t even know when a major story line is being changed or when a character is being written out of the show. The directors will just tell them to improvise some situations and this is why they end up acting strangely at times because they are caught unaware of what’s actually happening in front of cameras.

9. The Casts are paid 5 times less than the stars in India

It is actually very surprising how much less the people who work on Indian television series get paid as compared to their tv stars counterparts in other countries like America, England or Canada.

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