Why Is the Clyde Meme So Famous?

by Aaron Finch

Clyde is a meme with his face typically positioned in the top left corner of the screen, who speaks to you as if you were answering him. Clyde memes are typically confused and question-asking. Clyde meme is often used in serious discussion, as a means of expressing frustration, and as a sarcastic joke. Clyde memes seem to be in the form of conversation between two people. Clyde asks a question and you answer him. 


It’s not very grammatically correct but it is used this way often by those who don’t speak fluent English (or do they?). He may ask what his name is, where he lives, if it’s raining outside, or how old he is (this last one can lead to many questions like how old are you in your mother tongue etc.). Clyde memes are usually accompanied with the word “BOOM”. Clyde is incredibly famous for no real reason at all, other than his pure existence on the internet. He is one of the most annoying memes out there, but also one of the funniest to laugh at.


Reasons Why Is Clyde Meme So Famous :

1. The “BOOM”


The “BOOM” is what ties Clyde to his name, and what you’ll recognize as the introduction video for his meme. You see two people (one with brown hair and a red shirt) walking together. One of them is Clyde. As soon as you hear that “BOOM”, you know it’s him. You will find him in the top left corner or bottom left corner, depending on your monitor’s position.

2. The Confused face


Clyde always has this confused look on his face when he speaks to you, and it’s one of the most recognizable features of our favorite meme. The confused look is Clyde’s way of showing you that you’re talking in circles, while he asks if you know what’s going on.


3. The Scared face


Clyde is also one of the most famous scared faces out there. He has this surprised face when the situations are not too serious and the others don’t get mad at him. The other times, he just looks sad (and sad-looking Clyde memes are also hilarious ).

4. The “Yes” face


The “yes face” is Clyde’s favorite meme. When he’s with his friends and says something, he makes a face which says “yes”, but he really doesn’t know what you’re talking about. He does it when you’re messing with him, or when you want to know if your joke was hilarious.

5. The Annoyed face


Clyde is also known for his annoyed face. You can see this face when he’s surrounded by people that he doesn’t like. For example, if he’s in his room and some people are in his house and they’re bothering him, Clyde has this annoyed face.

6. The Sad face


Clyde is also known for his sad face. When you see a sad Clyde meme, it means that something bad happened to Clyde or someone close to him, and he’s upset about it. It usually happens after a joke that wasn’t funny or the person who you told the joke to is mad at you because of the prank that you pulled on them.

7. The Sad-looking “Yes” face


The sad “yes face” is also famous among Clyde memes. When Clyde is with his friends and doesn’t want to hang out with them, he makes this sad-looking “yes face” which basically means he’s agreeing with everything that they’re saying, even if he doesn’t want to do it.

8. The Angry face


Finally, we have the angry face of Clyde. It is the most popular angry meme because it’s mostly the reaction that you have when you see a scary video or when you get scared by someone. This angry meme became famous when people started overusing it and posting it in every single video just because they felt like it was funny. It is also a scary face because you can see that Clyde is annoyed by what’s happening and it’s also an angry face because he’s probably scaring the others.

9. The Sherlock/SherlockYoutube Face


The meme that I like the most about is when people try to talk like Clyde and “BOOM” appears behind them, as if he was answering their question. It’s hilarious and it would be hilarious if it was made by someone who isn’t Clyde, but it just straight up happened! Another way of making this famous gif is with a similar image of the guy in the middle with the hat (but completely different background). In this case, the gif is more like Sherlock’s reaction when John tells him about the “music”.

10. The “Your Meme” Face


The meme that I also like a lot is when you’re talking in a group and you say something stupid. The group becomes silent and they all look at you with a face that says: “why did you just say that?” You don’t know what to answer and it’s uncomfortable, so you ask them: “Your meme?” This usually happens when you want to prove someone wrong or give an explanation of some sort. It’s a funny way of getting out of the situation.

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