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What is the future of the scent world?

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A lot of things changed significantly and positively after the Covid-19 event. The scent world is no exception.

Before the epidemic happened, the fragrance world blossomed with scent trends such as hi-tech scent, digitalization of scent. Interesting, cult, and perhaps as early as possible are the scents made by artificial intelligence A.I. Covid-19 appeared to stop the scientific projects applicable to the world of perfumes.

Start-up aromatic

Perfume is a rare beauty that means to return to its true nature: individuality, originality.

In fact, the Covid-19 epidemic did not affect too deeply the fragrance realm, even, on the contrary, a world that reduced noise was conducive to the positive evolution of the fragrance world. During the days of global isolation, aromatic is still consumed steadily and actively, because relaxing aroma is always never superfluous. Many fragrances have reported impressive business reports during the time of Covid-19, with sales reaching 100% or even 200%. For example, the small independent floral state from England Floral Street. Fragrant creations loved by many of this animal and eco-friendly vegan state include the bright London Poppy, the mysteriously alluring Black Lotus, the pure white Iris Goddess, the Ylang-Ylang Espresso interesting personality …

The present moment is also the future of start-ups, they have the opportunity to be found and known more.

Deceleration and center of gravity

Temporarily away from the arms race for the number of fragrances shipped each year, perfumers have the opportunity to rest and seriously consider how their aromatic world is developing is “good enough”? Equally important, scent lovers have the opportunity to love again from the beginning the valuable fragrant creations they own but trot forget due to the fast and continuous shopping habit.

Staying at home for a long time also forms more “heartful” online shopping habits. Instead of going to the malls and easily distracted when choosing, scent lovers spend more time observing, exploring, and listening to opinions and personal instincts. At this time, we gradually form, or return to connecting with ourselves. Believe in yourself, listen to yourself, and have time to actively explore the aroma world through specific single scent notes. Scent lovers better understand themselves, equip themselves with more aroma knowledge through studying and carefully reading scent stories. We allow ourselves to express our point of view, listen to intuition hints, and choosing for ourselves an emotional scent becomes an exciting and evocative shopping experience.

Before the “fierce” event, incense makers have reduced the number of products, while also increasing product quality. The second half of 2020, especially Christmas, will see the blooming of new scents. This is also an opportunity for big brands to take advantage of the love of fragrance lovers.


“As you spend more time at home, every corner becomes important and needs some” makeup, “says Diptyque. That is why fragrant home accessories such as scented candles, room scented sprays, incense … of Diptyque, Trudon, Jo Malone … are especially interested and consumed a lot. From now on, the habit of buying European-style home fragrance products is no longer exclusive to the aristocracy but has spread to Asia. This is also reasonable, because, from the very beginning of the fragrance, the royal princes, the tombs of emperors from ancient China to great Egypt were carefully scented. The scent has also been shown to have a positive and effective effect on disinfecting. Certain aromatic ingredients have mental and physical rejuvenating effects. So, from now on, if you want to preserve the youthful beauty, you need to get acquainted and more attached to the fragrant world.

Orient, the beginning of fragrant culture, has known since ancient times how to use plants for the purpose of purifying spirit and energy. In addition to flavoring our home with herbs, we also have a tradition of smoking incense and steaming tea. In the days when all of humanity is closed, we have the opportunity to open the door of our hearts more, to take care of the scent of the shelter, to help our place to become clean and clean. That is also a simple but effective way for us to refresh our mind and spirit.

Let’s keep what the world

There are many names from luxury to independent artists spreading their love for Earth.

• Roja Parfums with creative aromatic Oceania, fragrant the free and sparkling beauty of the sea. Profits from each bottle of Oceania will be donated to Volunteer Marine Funds for the mission of cleaning the oceans.

There are many names from luxury to independent artists spreading their love for Earth.

• Roja Parfums with creative aromatic Oceania, fragrant the free and sparkling beauty of the sea. Profits from each bottle of Oceania will be donated to Volunteer Marine Funds for the mission of cleaning the oceans.

• Independent scent artist Aaron Terence Hughes with many remarkable fragrant creations such as Blood Orange, Jasmin Narcotique, Onyx … does not collaborate with countries that legalize animal experiments. Profits from the sale of perfumes are contributed by the artist to dog protection funds.

• Famous aromatherapy Symrise sponsors the fragrance project Six Scents with the aim of connecting fragrance lovers with the world of people who are fighting HIV. Six Scents’ valuable aromatic creations must include: Spirit Of Wood, Wicken 3000, # 087 …

• Parfums Quartana fragrant project with remarkable aromatic creations such as Blood Flower, Wolfsbane, Mandrake, Midnight Datura … on the one hand portraying the charm of poisonous flowers through scent, on the other hand, part of the proceeds will be used to maintain the American Center for Plant Poisoning Control.


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